Welcome to Field Work Term

Faith McClellan, Director of FWT 

On behalf of the Field Work Term and Career Development team, we are delighted to welcome you to the Bennington community. Our team’s work focuses on empowering students with the tools, skills, and networks needed to thrive in the world of work.

Just as Bennington encourages each student to chart their own academic course through the Plan process, so in Field Work Term and Career Development we encourage you to embrace your individuality and to innovate in the working world. Field Work Term at Bennington is about much more than just preparing for jobs; it is about discovering your strengths, values, and creative ambitions and how these shape your direction for your life and career.

Like all things at Bennington, you will be at the center of your Field Work Term planning—but our advising staff are ready and eager to assist early and often. The First Year Forum will provide workshops and support to help you stay on track with Field Work Term planning. Also, starting at orientation, you will be able to book advising appointments for help with setting goals, clarifying skills and strengths, exploring careers, preparing job applications, housing and logistics, and much more. Our staff also hold regular walk-in hours to address any quick questions, and we encourage you to drop by.


Although you will have time to read and sort through information relative to Field Work Term once you get here, if you want to preview our resources, feel free to check out:

Students who received Federal Work Study or a campus work allotment in their financial aid awards will be asked to indicate their interest in being assigned an on-campus job; this questionnaire will be emailed separately by June 15, 2019. Students without a work allotment will be able to pursue on-campus jobs upon arrival at Bennington in the fall. Please email campusjobs@bennington.edu with any questions.