Peer Writing Tutors

Peer Writing & Research Tutors assist Bennington students in developing their skills as academic writers and researchers. Working at any stage of the writing process—from planning an essay to the final revisions—the Peer Writing & Research Tutors support students as they examine their choices as writers and strive for clarity, cohesion, and style in their assignments.


  • During term: Su–Th, 8:00–10:00 PM 


  • Crossett Library, 3rd floor staff lounge


  • To make an appointment, please sign up on the schedule posted outside of our tutoring space

Resources for Writers

Purdue Online Writing Lab  

The Elements of Style  

The MLA Style Center  

The APA Style Center  

The Chicago Manual of Style Online  

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a writing consultation?
During a tutoring session, the student and tutor work together to develop writing skills at every stage of the writing process—from the early stages of generating one’s ideas to the final revisions before submitting a written piece. Often the student brings a draft of the paper they’re working on so they can read it with the Peer Writing & Research Tutor. The tutor works with the student to evaluate the paper’s strengths and areas for improvement, and then teaches writing concepts to help the student strengthen their writing. Writing consultations often focus on clarifying and strengthening the student writer’s thesis and supporting evidence through conversation. Ownership of the paper’s ideas and rhetoric remains with the student writer, as the Peer Writing & Research Tutor serves as a guide, helping the student to understand and evaluate the available writing choices and to learn new approaches to addressing complex writing tasks.

What should I bring to a writing consultation?
Please bring a printed copy of the paper you’d like to discuss, a pen or pencil, and a copy of the assignment.  

I’m a good writer.  Why should I work with a Peer Writing Tutor?  
All writers can benefit from discussing their ideas with others. A Peer Writing & Research Tutor can help strong writers further advance their arguments, better articulate their ideas, and use the written word to convey their voice.  

Who are the Peer Writing Tutors?  
They are Bennington students who have demonstrated exemplary writing skills, who do well academically, and who show an aptitude for teaching. Students whose work focuses in any discipline are eligible to apply.

Peer Writing & Research Tutors are trained to help fellow students develop their writing and research skills through conversation and instruction on key concepts.

How can I become a Peer Writing Tutor?
Peer Writing & Research Tutor applications are accepted each spring term for full-year positions in the coming academic year. Jobs are posted in Handshake.


If you have any questions about the Peer Writing & Research Tutor Program, please contact Camille Guthrie, Director of Undergraduate Writing Initiatives, Crossett Library, second floor:; ext. 4892.