Amber Hancock

Image of Amber Hancock

Amber Hancock is a physical organic chemist investigating in the photochemistry of organic free radicals. Her work aims to build capacity for environmentally benign synthetic methods by revealing the factors governing reactivity using experimental kinetic and computational techniques.  


Hancock is interested in using the investigation of chemical kinetics to enable the development of environmentally benign light-initiated chemical processes. Her current research explores the use of low energy visible light to generate useful free radicals. Additionally, she is engaged in researching the effects of green solvents on reactivity and their suitability as media for reactions of neutral free radicals. Hancock's research has been published in Chemical Science, Chemical Communications, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Frontiers, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Chemistry: An Asian Journal, Chemistry: A European Journal, Tetrahedron, Current Green Chemistry, Journal of Molecular Structure and the Protein Journal. Previously, she was the recipient of an NSF-IGERT and an Endeavour Fellowship and has been active in both teaching and science outreach at Virginia Tech and University of Melbourne. Hancock currently also holds an honorary appointment at the University of Melbourne. BS, Radford University (Virginia, USA); PhD, Virginia Tech (Virginia, USA); postdoctoral work, University of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia). She joined the Bennington faculty in Fall 2018.