Kattia Palacio-Lopez

Image of Kattia Palacio-Lopez

Kattia Palacio-Lopez is an evolutionary ecologist who focuses on understanding ecological adaptation and how plants respond to environmental changes. She works on the importance of phenotypic plasticity and hybridization in plant evolution and invasion biology.


Palacio-Lopez is a plant biologist working theoretical and experimental aspects of ecology and evolution with particular attention to responses of plants to environmental changes. She has a deep interest in invasive plant species for both their conservation implications and conceptual insights. 

Her research has been done under growth chambers, greenhouse, and long-term plots in the field. She uses a wide range of quantitative methods, including meta-analyses, multivariate statistics and generalized linear mixed models to measure the strength of natural selection and evolutionary potential in functional traits. She also makes use of molecular ecology techniques, bioinformatics and phenotyping procedures to establish genotype-phenotype associations. 

She has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at The Ohio State University (OH), Purdue University (IN) and Skidmore College (NY). She received her PhD from University of Vermont, VT under a Fulbright Scholarship. Palacio-Lopez completed her MSc at Universidad de Concepción in Chile and her BSc at Universidad Industrial de Santander in Colombia. She joined the Bennington faculty in Fall 2022.