Kriss Mincey

Image of Kriss Mincey
MFA Fellow

What’s freedom? How’s it sound? Where does performance give way to truth? I write music and essays, ask questions like these, and explore how we imagine ourselves and each other.


Mincey is an American Black Afro-Southern writer, musician and curiositeur based in Baltimore, Maryland. She will lead interdisciplinary discussions inspired by music, sociology, philosophy and public action. 

After more than 200 live music performances in Philadelphia and nationwide, including award show appearances, an award-winning annual art series and four concurrent live music residencies from 2015-2017, Mincey was awarded the 2019 Racial Justice Fellowship at the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (CoFED), where she developed a research framework for racial justice projects rooted in the stewardship of authentic human relationships. She planted and harvested fruit trees with Baltimore Orchard Project, and started writing about performance, bodies, labor, land, home, and belonging.

Mincey serves as Director of Divest Ed at Better Future Project in Cambridge, MA, where she and a team of genius organizers name and interrogate obstacles to organizing across lines of race and class on college campuses in the movement to divest from fossil fuels. She’s writing letters, recording music, and working in her body as an everyday act of freedom. Mincey is currently pursuing her MFA at Bennington.