Checklist for Transfer Students

We Require

  • A completed Transfer Common Application.

  • A short Bennington transfer essay (as part of the Common Application's Bennington Member Page).

  • Two Academic Evaluations from college professors. Invite your recommenders via the Common Application.

  • The Common Application Transfer College Report (pdf).

  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended.

  • The Common Application Mid-Term Report (pdf) is required ONLY for those transfer applicants who are currently enrolled first term first-year students (for all other transfer applicants, this form is optional). This form must be filled out and signed by the instructor of each course in which the applicant is enrolled. Completed forms should be emailed directly to the Bennington College Office of Admissions.

  • Complete high school transcript(s). You may choose to use the Final Report form provided by the Transfer Common Application (recommended for students in their first year of college).

  • English proficiency testing for students who have not been taught fully in English for at least three (3) years or more. Learn more about approved forms of demonstrating English proficiency here

We encourage, but do not require

  • An interview. These are one-on-one conversations with an admissions counselor aimed at helping you better understand your transition to Bennington. Sign up for an interview now.

  • Supplementary materials. When we receive your Transfer Common Application, we will email you instructions for accessing your personal application status page, which you can use to upload supplemental materials.


  • Test scores, such as the SAT or ACT


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