Bennington Bound / Admitted Students Event / Virtual Event / Sunday, March 5

Bennington Bound Audio

group of standing students clapping and singing with one standing microphone and music stand in the middle

Inside Tracks and Quick Hits

Recent works and classic hits from Bennington alumni.

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man with short red hair (Jason Moon) in a blue and red plaid shirt speaking into a radio microphone

Long Form

Podcasts and audiobooks from Bennington alumni including Jason Moon '13, pictured above.

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Student Voices

a student with blonde hair and blue baseball cap standing playing guitar next to another student facing away from the camera in a green field with woods in the background

Our students are the heart of the Bennington experience. Explore campus through their eyes, and hear them explain, in their own words, their self-designed academic Plans and Advanced Work.

big beige field with pond and mountains in the background with white overlay text saying "@ Bennington college"

A Different Type of Tour

Explore campus through the eyes of our students.

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student with long brown hair with red streaks and glasses shown from the neck up standing outside in front of a window.

Plans and Advanced Work

Students discuss their self-designed academic Plans and their senior Advanced Work projects. For more insight into how students craft these, be sure to visit our YouTube channel.

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Staff and Faculty Voices

teacher in grey sweater smiling at a seated student and leaning over table in a classroom

Get to know some of the staff that support on-campus life at Bennington, and watch interviews, lectures, and performances featuring the work of our talented and dedicated faculty members.

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white haired man with glasses and mustache (Donald Sherefkin) shown from the shoulders up wearing blue plaid button down seated in front of large bookshelf

Donald Sherefkin

Architecture Faculty Member

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woman wearing a pink button down (Aysha Peltz) shown from the waist up standing in a ceramics studio

Aysha Peltz

Ceramics Faculty Member

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man in red shirt and hat (Tim Schroeder) standing with hands behind in front of a small river

Tim Schroeder

Earth Science Faculty Member

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dark-haired bearded man (Thomas Leddy-Cecere) in blue collared shirt shown from the shoulders up in front of a white wall with large brown bookshelf

Thomas Leddy-Cecere

Sociolinguistics Faculty Member

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grid showing four members of academic services staff shown from the shoulders up

Academic Services & First Year Forum

Meet the team (via video) that organizes orientation, first-year forum, international student services, and study abroad.

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dark-haired woman with glasses (Ali Tartaglia) shown from the shoulders up wearing a dark sweater sitting in front of a yellow wall with large black and white curtains

Health and Wellness

Learn about the services and programming offered in the Student Health Center with Ali Tartaglia, Director of Student Health Promotion.

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seated woman with short brown hair (Katy Evans) shown from the shoulders up in front of a grey wall with small framed painting to the left

Disability Accommodations & Support

Meet Katy Evans, Academic Services and Accommodations Counselor.

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man with short dark hair and facial hair shown from the neck up (Jared Della Rocca) standing outside with trees and mountains in the background

Crossett Library

Meet Jared Della Rocca, Director of Library Services at Crossett Library.

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Explore snapshots of work-in-progress, performance, assignments, and other snippets of the classroom experience at Bennington. This section represents a sampling of areas of study and courses, for a bigger picture, you can delve into the full range of Areas of Study and the Curriculum from Spring 2023 and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about a particular area of study, our students would love to meet with you to share their work, answer your questions, and help you envision how your passions might fit into the Bennington curriculum. Request a conversation with our current students here!

Animation and Video

Earth Science

Go on a virtual field trip with faculty member Tim Schroeder

Listen in on an outcomes-focused conversation with faculty and recent alumni from our Fall for Bennington event.

Science and Math

Society, Culture, and Thought (SCT)

Explore student work in the social sciences through these examples of senior work and theses. 


Watch the Sing class, taught by Kerry Ryer-Parkein action

Take a listen to a selection of the class of 2020's senior work: Senior MusicFest 2020 and Lorem Ipsum by Maeve Bustell.

Watch the first episode of The Lens, featuring an interview with musician and Music SEPC representative Maddy Wood '22.


In the course The History of Directing, taught by Jean Randich, students work semi-chronologically from the late 19th to the early 21st century, examining how culture and theater interact and change each other. These are examples of the oral slide show presentations students prepare when they report on individual directors.

Take a look at this costume design project by Taz Meyers '19.

In this class assignment from Directing I: The Director’s Vision, taught by Jean Randich, students respond to the exercise: Take one minute and find something in your room to create a tableau of a character you either play or direct in Anton Chekhov's The Seagull. Assume an expressive gestural pose for that character and hold it in stillness for 30 seconds while maintaining active thought and emotion inside. Watch now.

The course Bennington Plays: Playwrights, taught by Sherry Kramer, supports playwrights engaged in the process and techniques of rewriting and staging their plays. Here are two examples of works in progress: 


Selections from Advanced Projects in Dance, taught by David Thomson:

In an assignment for Finding Form: Dance, taught by Dana Reitz, students find a passage of literature or music, find aspects of form within it, and use something of the form to make a short movement study.

  • Veda Carmine-Ritchie, Inspired by We Will Always Love You by The Avalanches feat. Blood Orange 
  • Sophia Grimani, Inspired by Dirge by Death in Vegas 
  • Hanna Stebbins, Inspired by Liver Room, passage by Carolee Schneemann
  • Triston Walker, Inspired by This Is All I Have For You by Makoto Matushita
  • Emma Williams, Inspired by “Cello Concerto in E Minor, RV 409: (III. Allegro)” by Antonio Vivaldi

In the course Introduction To Phrasemaking & Performing taught by Dana Reitz, students find a specific location to use as a stimulus for making a movement study, all phrasing influenced by the environment. Here are a few examples: 

In Dance Making: The Ephemeral Artifact taught by Hilary Clark, students compose using percussive and sustained qualities as source material. Here is a sample of work from this course: Isabel San Millan

Visual Art

In the course Delights of Ephemera, taught by faculty member and Director and Curator of the Suzanne Lemberg Usdan Gallery Anne Thompson, the class wrote a blog that was compiled by students Charlotte Zinsser and Alex Terjak Wall.


12:00pm: Welcome Session Begins

12:05-12:30pm: First Year Experience Panel

12:30-1:30pm: Creating at Bennington: Faculty Sessions

1:30-2:00pm: Let's Chat!

  • An informal opportunity for students and parents to chat with Bennington College community members

2:00-3:00pm: Take a Walk With Us

  • Bennington College Admissions Interns will take you on a live virtual tour of campus. As they move through campus, there will also be the opportunities to ask them questions that you may have.


As we get closer to the event note that some sessions may change or be added.