Field Work Term (formerly NRT)

  • Through seven­ week full ­time work experiences during Field Work Term (FWT), students gain confidence and practical knowledge in their chosen fields. Alumni and parents have provided FWT positions, connections for students, or housing throughout the College's 80­ year history.
  • If you might be interested in working with a Bennington student, please read the Information for FWT Employers and fill out the FWT Job Listing form. Many students need housing near their FWT sites each year. If you or someone you know is willing to host a student during FWT, please complete this form. Here are some things to think about when offering housing. If you have other inexpensive, short-­term housing recommendations, please let us know.
  • Bennington's bed and breakfast program offers one­ to two ­night complimentary accommodations to a student or young alumni going on a job interview or graduate school visit. Please complete this form if you can offer accommodations.