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The Future: Rebuilding the Barn with Your Help

As we plan today for the future of the Barn, we renew our commitment to preserve its inimitable character. Extending the life of this building means adapting its structure and systems to be more efficient, sustainable, and robust, while reimagining the internal spaces to better serve the needs of the College. 



Design planning is already underway, and work is expected to begin this summer. Along with classrooms, faculty offices, and administrative offices, the renovated Barn will include new shared spaces for socializing and collaborating. A lounge space in the former Bookstore location (which had also been, at varying times, a library, studios, and a theater) will serve as a new “front door” to the College, an opportunity to bring more people together on campus and to better welcome visitors. We are also excited to expand accessibility to (and within) the building through the addition of an elevator and other structural reforms. All of this will be done, as it always has, without altering the fundamental character of this iconic building. 

Insurance will cover the cost of repairing the damaged portion of the Barn to its previous condition, but additional funds are needed to execute this much-needed holistic, forward-looking renovation. That’s where Bennington’s family of generous alumni, supporters, and friends come in. The rebuilding of the Barn is an unexpected and necessary cost, and your philanthropic support is critical to its restoration. 

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We hope you will join us in shaping the future for the Barn by making a contribution today.