Professional Training Option and Apprenticeship

Field Work Term is designed to support flexible options for applied learning, which may include professional training online or an apprenticeship with a skilled professional.

Professional Training Option

As part of the flexible options that are available for FWT, students may utilize free online courses as part or all of their FWT hours. Online professional trainings can be proposed as a full FWT, which requires completion of 200 hours and submission of a reflective assignment, or can be completed as supplemental FWT hours. Hours should be documented using the Remote Work Log and via a screenshot showing completed work. A formal certificate is not required.

Coursework completed through the Professional Training Option must advance your professional interests/pursuits. The Professional Training Option is not intended for academic coursework, and students may not utilize classes for which they are also receiving academic credit.

Review examples of training platforms and courses that may be of interest. Many other examples exist on EdX, Coursera, and other platforms. For help or questions about this FWT option, please book a virtual FWT advising appointment or email

The following experiences cannot count as a professional certification towards the FWT requirement:

  • Credit-bearing courses at Bennington, or at other institutions that are transferred to Bennington for credit
  • Preparatory courses for graduate and professional school programs
  • Tutoring in a particular subject (such as language, writing, or other independent instruction)


This is a way for you to obtain hands-on work experience in a specialized trade, craft, or artistic technique. Apprenticeships can be combined with coursework or under an experienced faculty member, and in some cases may lead to a specialized credential. Check out this national listing of paid apprenticeships, and filter your search by relevant industry, such as "arts."

Apprenticeships are consistently supervised work experiences under a skilled professional; personal enrichment, unsupervised independent artistic work, or non-credit classes without additional supervisory structure cannot count as an apprenticeship towards the FWT requirement. 

      Application Process

      Students wishing to complete the Professional Training Option or an apprenticeship toward primary FWT hours must apply via the FWT Registration Form in Handshake (please refer to these detailed instructions).  For any questions on which option is the best for you, please email