Progressive Education

Using the Bennington Plan Process as a model to help community youth gain ownership of their educational path.


Quantum Leap | This program helps high school students in danger of dropping out develop personalized academic plans that assist students as they gain ownership of their educational path. Since 1999, Quantum Leap has reconnected over 2,000 students to their education.

Student to Student | This mentoring program pairs Bennington College students with students from Mount Anthony Union High School. The overarching goal of the program is for high school students to learn more about the process of preparing for, applying to, and finding ways of paying for college from Bennington College students who recently engaged in the same process.

Teaching Languages and Cultures in K-6 Schools | Bennington College students teach Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish to elementary-age students in Bennington and North Bennington and offer international culture lessons that they design with the support of the Bennington faculty. 

Vermont Act 77 | Bennington College students work with middle and high school students to engage with the implementation of Vermont Legislative Act 77.