Campus Jobs and Cash

Student Employment

Now that all student hiring takes place on Handshake and some on-campus jobs are eligible to be counted as FWTs, coordination of on-campus employment has moved to the Field Work Term and Career Development Office, where it is handled by Ray Stevens ’15, Coordinator of Work Learning Opportunities. Hiring for on-campus jobs has been taking place throughout the summer and is ongoing, with over 90 on-campus positions still hiring, many of them for more than one opening.

Beginning this year, first-year and new transfer students who have work allotments in their financial aid and request jobs are matched to positions before they reach campus in the fall. Over 130 new students have been assigned positions on campus to date. Find out how to apply for available on-campus positions or email

The Bennington Card

If you have lost your Bennington Card over the break, you will need to request a new ID by emailing HelpDesk. The ID system is located in the SCOPE forum on the third floor of Commons. Replacement ID cards can be picked up in the SCOPE forum.

To access your account or add funds to your Bennington Card account, go to the cardholder account center.