Housing, Storage, and Checkout

Housing and Checkout

Basic Information

  • First and Second Street (Colonial) houses, Longmeadow, Shingle, Welling Townhouse, and Paran Creek Apartments: close at 4:00 pm on Saturday, December 14.
  • Third Street (Barnes and Woo) houses and Bingham: close at 4:00 pm on Sunday, December 15.
  • Students must be off campus by the dates/times indicated above, depending on their residence. Campus Safety will continue to conduct rounds, and any student who is found anywhere on campus after closing will receive a conduct violation, a fine of $200 and/or loss of housing standing in the spring.
  • Students leaving shortly after 4:00 pm can avoid disciplinary action by waiting in Commons after checking out.
  • If regional reports indicate inclement weather, the College may extend the closing deadline for an additional 24 hours. Students will be notified via email.
  • College staff will conduct walk-throughs in all houses and rooms. Staff will generate Room Reports (RCRs) during the walk-throughs of Third Street, Bingham, and rooms of students not returning in the spring and compare them to the RCRs House Chairs submitted at the start of Fall term. All original College furniture must be assembled and in the rooms. Failure to do so will result in a charge of the replacement cost of missing furniture. All non-college issued items left in rooms will be donated at the College’s discretion. Any costs associated with the repair and cleaning of rooms will be added to the student's bill.
  • During staff walk throughs of the Colonial houses, staff will ensure that radiators are set to three, that there are no fire hazards, and that the windows are properly secured. If during this time, staff observe any Community Standards violations, students who live in that space will receive appropriate sanctions as listed in the Student Handbook.

Checkout Checklist

Here is a quick list of the things you must remember to do—please review the entire End-of-Term Announcements to ensure you don't overlook anything.

  • Make your Albany shuttle reservation by 5:00 pm, on Wednesday, December 4.
  • Fels, Sawtell, Noyes, Merck, Paris-Borden, Perkins, and Bingham: Remove all items not issued by the College from your rooms and leave them in clean condition. All College issued furniture must be in the room and assembled.
  • All trash must be placed in plastic bags and disposed of in the provided dumpsters at the end of each street.
  • Defrost and drain refrigerators (all houses). To defrost your fridge: dispose of any perishable food items remaining in your fridge, unplug your fridge, prop the door open and lay a towel inside the bottom to soak up excess moisture, and leave your fridge to defrost overnight.
  • Return all sports and recreation equipment to the Meyer Rec Barn.
  • Return all library materials.
  • Forward mail to FWT address.
  • Forward College paychecks to FWT address if you have a campus job.
  • Complete the Long-Term Vehicle Parking Permit at Campus Safety if leaving vehicle on campus.
  • Contact Campus Safety about storing bicycles in Welling basement.

Key Return for Residents of Barnes, Woo, and Bingham Houses

Before leaving campus, lock the door and return the key. As your house will be used over FWT, you will need to return your key before departure. You will receive an electronic receipt via email by Friday, December 20. If you do not return your key before 4:00 pm on Sunday, December 15, you will be charged $100 to replace the lock.

Friday, December 13: Please bring keys to the Student Life Office Barn North 113 9:00 am-5:00 pm.  

Saturday, December 14 and Sunday, December 15: Please use the key drop box, which is located outside the Student Life office or in the Campus Safety booth.

Please note: Late returned or mailed keys will not cause the lock replacement fee to be waived. Due to the turn-around needed to ready these facilities for College programs, lock changes for missing keys will begin immediately after closing of the houses for the term. 


Basic Information

  • Students who live in Swan, Woolley, Stokes, Franklin, Canfield, Dewey, Booth, Kilpatrick, McCullough, Leigh, Shingle, Longmeadow, Welling Townhouse, and Paran Creek Apartments may leave their belongings in the houses, and must keep their room keys throughout the break.
  • Students living in Bingham, Noyes, Sawtell, Fels, Perkins, Merck, and Paris-Borden should have received an email from housing@bennington.edu regarding storage and checkout. 
  • Storage will be locked and inaccessible after 4:00 pm on Sunday, December 15. Storage is only available for students currently living in Bingham, Noyes, Sawtell, Fels, Perkins, Merck, and Paris-Borden and who are scheduled to return for the Spring 2020 term. The College is not responsible or liable for property left behind. Items left in rooms meant to be vacant are considered abandoned property and will be donated or discarded.
  • Due to housing demands for the MFA in Writing program and FWT housing, students in the Barnes, Woo, Bingham houses will need to store their belongings. Specific information is listed below.

House-Specific Storage Information

  • Bingham, Perkins, Merck, Paris-Borden: Storage provided in the Bingham basement.
  • Noyes, Sawtell, Fels, Bingham: House basements are used for storage.

Please note: All belongings must be stored in plastic bins and each student may store up to two 30-gallon bins. If you do not own 30-gallon plastic bins you may borrow two from Buildings and Grounds in the package pick up area for free on a first come, first serve basis.

Open hours:
Monday-Friday 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am-12:00 pm.

If you borrow plastic bins from Buildings and Grounds, you will be responsible for returning those bins by February 28, 2020, failure to do so will result in a charge for replacing the bins being placed on your account.

Cart Availability

If you would like to use a cart to transport your belongings to the storage space you may borrow one from the package pick-up area in Buildings & Grounds.

Storage Hours

Please note: The storage areas cannot be accessed outside of the hours listed below, so make sure you do not store items/documents that you will need over the break.

Questions about Storage

Open Hours

  • Wednesday, December 11-Thursday, December 12: 4:00-10:00 pm
  • Friday, December 13-Saturday, December 14: 10:00 am-10:00 pm
  • Sunday, December 15: 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Should I empty my locker or studio?

Yes. Any items in lockers and/or studios must be removed by the end of the term, unless an arrangement has been made with the appropriate technician or staff member. Any items left will be donated or discarded.

May I leave my bicycle?

Contact Campus Safety about storing your bicycle in Welling basement. Any bicycles left behind will be donated or discarded.

What should I do with my refrigerator?

To prevent water damage all refrigerators must be defrosted and drained before departure. To defrost your fridge: dispose of any perishable food items remaining in your fridge, unplug your fridge, prop the door open and lay a towel inside the bottom to soak up excess moisture, and leave your fridge to defrost overnight.

May I leave my car on campus over FWT?

Yes. Students may leave their cars on campus if they are returning for the spring term. Please complete a Long-Term Vehicle Parking Permit available through Campus Safety and due Friday, December 13. If the permit is approved, the vehicle will be assigned a designated spot in the Ohio parking lot. Please contact Campus Safety with any questions about this procedure.

Off-Campus Storage Options

Please note: Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from off-campus storage locations.

  • Bennington Mill Storage: 160 Benmont Avenue #1, Bennington. 802-779-5237 (from $75/month)
  • Bennington Self Storage: 25 Morse Road, Bennington. 802-447-3238 ($50–$190/month)
  • AVS Storage: 1267 Harwood Hill Road, Bennington. 802-447-2319
  • Shaftsbury Self Storage: 1076 VT Route 7A, Shaftsbury. 802-375-9028