STUDENT HANDBOOK: Policies and Procedures

Bennington College seeks to provide academic programs, support services, and social/cultural activities to all enrolled students without regard to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The College is committed to the following policy statements that serve as a framework for handling situations involving HIV infection:

  1. Health-related information, including HIV status, when voluntarily provided by employees or students, will be kept in confidence in the affected person’s medical records at the Health Service, or the Personnel Office in the case of staff.

  2. Release of confidential health records will only occur with written consent of the individual to whom the records pertain, except as otherwise required by law.

  3. Students, faculty, and staff should be allowed to participate in all aspects of campus life that do not directly endanger others as long as they are mentally and physically capable of meeting the requirements of their position.

  4. HIV infection will not be a factor in the admission or hiring process for the College. Likewise, promotions and advancement of faculty, staff, and students, respectively, will not be affected by HIV status.

  5. The College Health Services recommends that all students notify them of personal history of HIV infection, in the hope of improving medical care to those individuals, including early notification of significant communicable diseases on campus, which might pose a special threat to immunosuppressed individuals.

  6. Information about support services for medically affected individuals is available either on campus or by referral to outside organizations.