Faculty Handbook: Handbook Review Procedures

Sections of the handbook are periodically reviewed and revised by administration, committees, and faculty. At any point, faculty or staff may propose review and revision of sections of the handbook by contacting the Provost and Dean's Office Assistant, who will forward proposals to the appropriate parties. Proposals for review may be made at any time and do not have to be in synch with a review period. The overall design of the faculty handbook is stewarded by APC together with various members of the Office of the Provost and Dean, including the Provost and Dean, Dean of Studies, Director for Budget and Administration, and the co-chair of CSC.

Roughly put, each section is reviewed by the committees listed below. However, any changes to the handbook often involve conversations between multiple parties depending on the policy.

Educational Principles OPD, APC, BOT, CSC

Faculty Committees OPD, CSC, APC

Faculty Support and Development OPD, CSC

Academic Policies and Responsibilities OPD, APC, CPC

General College Policies often overlap with the student handbook, and are overseen by multiple parties.

In the event of a vacancy in the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College, the President will appoint an appropriate academic officer to take his or her place wherever the Provost and Dean of the College is given duties under the policies set forth in this Handbook or in other faculty policies.