Hyphenate your future.

Hyphenate your future.

The world needs hyphenates—the multi-talents and hybrid thinkers. People who can rethink the world and invent the new. That’s the Bennington Plan.

Inclusive College Community

Bennington College Music faculty Michael Wimberly is an award-winning musician, composer, and sound designer who excavates and explores music of the African Diaspora and improvisation. He talks about how Bennington prepares vibrantly unique and driven students for the uncertainty of the world.


Design your Academic Plan


your 4-year academic plan


with your faculty team


high-profile internships every year


an inclusive community 440-acre makerspace


Build your 4-year academic plan

Stretch and grow

Learn broadly, and learn boldly. Work with your faculty advisor to take courses in areas guided by your interests and needs—not constrained by the learner you’ve been before—and make your choices as the learner you want to be. Build the foundation of your own education, and develop the Bennington Capacities—to inquire, research, create, engage, and communicate. As you gain your bearings and explore new opportunities, reflect on how your first year at Bennington will guide the next (and the next and the next!).

Bring your plan into focus

Create your own, unique educational Plan, one that connects across disciplines to feed your passion and curiosity and celebrates your strengths while addressing your weaknesses. Collaborate with your Plan committee—your faculty advisor and two more faculty mentors expert in areas that support your ambitions. Propose your Plan to them, hear their guidance, and work together to chart a course to a more mature phase of learning and creating.

Live your plan

Learn, make, and do the work of your Plan every day—even when that is re-making and re-doing—as your understanding of your goals and potential develops and grows. Lean into the faculty and peer relationships that set Bennington apart as an intellectual and creative community. Connect on- and off-campus experiences in your Plan as you move through classes, Field Work Terms, and personal growth. As your learning builds, look ahead with your Plan committee to advanced work and a final year you will be proud of.

Achieve and elevate

Culminate your Plan in a piece of advanced work that demonstrates your Capacities in the classroom, lab, studio, or all three: a study, production, public action campaign, or other achievement specifically yours. As you celebrate your accomplishment with faculty and classmates, elevate your thinking to consider how your plans and successes extend beyond Bennington into life and a career.

"While Bennington encourages intellectual exploration, I still have space to hone in on the technical requirements for graduate school."

Shlesha Pradhan
Class of 2024

"The voice here is very strong. And that is what I want to take: to be so passionate about my morals and what I believe in."

Alisha Bade Shrestha
Class of 2023

“The Plan is a great learning experience, because once you get out of school, you have to develop your own plan committee in life.”

Sawyer London
Class of 2024

Connect with your own faculty team

Plan to be taken seriously and to be encouraged by your professors—stellar faculty who are shaping the fields you’re interested in. Bennington’s unique model of student-faculty collaboration—your own team of faculty committed to you and your ideas—is why 95% of Bennington graduates say faculty encourage them to pursue their goals, compared with 22% of graduates nationally.

Faculty Spotlight

A few of the extraordinary writers, artists, scientists, performers, policy makers, and scholars on our faculty.

Jenny Boully
Amie McClellan
Levi Gonzalez
Blake Jones
Özge Savaş
Michael Wimberly

Pursue high-profile internships every year

Real-world experience has been built into a Bennington education since the beginning. We call it Field Work Term, and it means you’re guaranteed not one or two but four internships. Every year you spend six weeks working off campus. This is another reason Bennington graduates earn such high marks from employers: they are truly experienced by the time they graduate and have built a valuable resume as well as earning a degree.

Recent field work placements

The Associated Press
ABC News
Time Magazine
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre
Sony Interactive Entertainment
American Museum of Natural History
The Bronx Museum
The Dalton School
Ennead Architects
The Fresh Air Fund
HarperCollins Publishers
Harvard Stem Cell Institute
International Rescue Committee
Mark Morris Dance Group
Museum of the Moving Image
The Nature Conservancy
Sundance Institute
University of California, Riverside, Brain Game Center
Yale School of Medicine

Best of the best

According to national rankings, Bennington equals excellence.

Best College Theater
The Princeton Review 2024
Most Innovative Schools
U.S. News & World Report 2022
Classroom Experience
The Princeton Review 2024

And we are affordable

Most economically diverse students at a liberal arts college
New York Times College-Access Index 2023

Ground breakers start here. Join them.

Culture creators, movement starters, icons, and iconoclasts make this place—and it makes them—from the computer scientist-designer behind Xbox to the makers of The Matrix and Twilight to alumni remaking urban public transportation to renewable energy entrepreneurs. Even before you graduate, you’ll have this alumni network to help you.


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