A Complete List of Clubs & Organizations

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More than 40 clubs and organizations are hosted in any given year on campus and nearly all of them are created, activated, and managed by students. While some clubs operate like publications, others are constructed by students looking to learn something new or explore another interest, like say, for instance, building a boat. Students create clubs to celebrate diverse cultures, to provide highly inclusive environments, to connect with each other on performing arts, sports and athletics, or sometimes skill sharing. Every year clubs are added and others weeded as the flow of student interest and activity changes with each class of students at Bennington—providing the most ample flexibility when it comes to Student Life funding and support of clubs and organizations as they relate to current student interest.


Beekeeping Club

The Bennington Beekeeping Club is new as of Spring 2017. The club is responsible for the management and oversight of an on-campus beekeeping area and working with the local community around the topic of beekeeping. 

Bennington Sustainable Food Project img
Bennington Sustainable Food Project

The Bennington Sustainable Food Project encourages sustainability and fosters a food conscious culture within our community.

The Purple Carrot Farm img
The Purple Carrot Farm

The student led farm has existed in many forms at the College, starting with students being required to work on the farm during food shortages in the mid 1900's. The small farm is less than an acre and has a hoophouse, a tractor, and we are starting construction of our first barn in 2016. All produce from the farm is sold on campus to students, faculty, and staff through the farm cart as well as the Dining Hall. Growing, harvesting and all work on the farm is led by a few student farm interns hired every year, with many dedicated student volunteers and support from Buildings & Grounds.

Bennington Environmental Action Group (BEAG) img
Student Action for Environmental Justice (SAEJ)

SAEJ gets stuff done when it comes to environmental action on campus since 2013. Actions include composting in campus housing, clothes-drying racks in houses, ending college contracts with Coca-Cola, a strong transparent student relationship with The Board of Trustees and the firm that manages our endowment (Glenmede), PEAK Week electricity reduction competition, Earth Week on campus, a historical presence at The People's' Climate March, and the Campus Thrift Shop.

Club Sports

Basketball Club

Regular pick-up basketball for all skill levels on campus, and at the gradeschool in North Bennington!

Outdoor Club

The Bennington Outdoor club gets students together to get outside. We primarily organize hikes nearby, camping trips, climbing trips and the occasional rafting adventure.

Equestrian Club

The Equestrian Club is available to any students who are interested in riding and showing at regional competitions. The club is advised by local equestrian Tara Lowary at her barn in North Bennington. Students show 2-3 times per term and ride in both Fall and Spring term.

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Archery Club

The Archery Club meets two to three times per week on the campus soccer field to practice and hone the essential skills of archery. No prior experience with marksmanship required to participate!

Cultural/Affinity Clubs

The Other

"The Other" is a group dedicated to exploring the issues of "other" people—race, class, gender, sexuality, abelism, etc.—through artistic expression and inquiry. Through this, we will facilitate a community dialogue that will help us to understand the position and experience of the other as well as fight against othering forces in local, national, and global communities.

Latinx Allies

Latinx Allies come together to create a safe environment of inclusivity where any member of the Bennington community can voice their concerns, experiences, and ideas. Our mission is to acknowledge and discuss problems of the Latinx population, and other marginalized groups, in order to provide emotional support and solidarity. Together, we strive to make a wave of change in our community.

La vie en rose a.k.a. Queer Club

Group Mission: To create a support group for queer identifying persons on campus; a safe space where people bring themselves without erasing bodies. We focus on building trust, vulnerability and a sense of community through regular meetings, potlucks, dinners and film screenings.

The Program & Activity Council (PAC) img
The Program & Activity Council (PAC)

PAC  is overseen by the office of Student Life and is a student run board that imagines, creates, and produces a wide variety of events for the entertainment of the Bennington College community throughout the academic year.

The Student Endowment for The Arts (SEA) img
The Student Endowment for The Arts (SEA)

The Student Endowment for the Arts (SEA) supports artistic endeavors of students working in visual art, music, drama, dance, and writing. The board is made up of students from as many disciplines as possible, who are elected to maintain the confidentiality while reviewing proposals in an objective, professional, and organized manner. The S.E.A. has a maximum allotment per-person per-grant cycle of: $500 for Project Grants Proposals and $250 for Materials Grants Proposals.

The Budget & Events Committee img
The Budget & Events Committee

A student led committee advised by the Office for Student Engagement dedicated to providing budgetary and event planning support both to student organizations and students interested in planning events for the Bennington College community. Through the B&EC, clubs and organizations are encouraged to submit written proposals in support of funding those events and activities. In addition, the Budget & Events Committee provides the first round of proposal review prior to the ratification of any new campus Club & Organization.

Bennington Connects img
Bennington Connects

Bennington Connects (BCs) brings the world to campus by providing a platform for all students to facilitate dialogues on emerging issues occurring globally and locally. We organize intercultural shows, educational workshops and lectures, thereby enhancing an understanding of the diversity within and outside the college. We also raise awareness about social issues—involving economic, social and political matters—by inviting guest speakers, holding discussion forums, staging debates, and organizing various activities, in collaboration with other clubs and organizations for the benefit of the entire college community.

Kalopsia: Check All That Apply img
Kalopsia: Check All That Apply

A community focusing on issues regarding racial diversity at Bennington and beyond. We serve as an activist group, a support group, and a go-to body of student representation that helps facilitate communication between administration and students.

Music and Arts Clubs

FAB (Film and Animation at Bennington)

FAB aspires to create a platform for filmmakers and animators to come together to collaborate and create visual stories. We focus on promoting the art of conventional film production and animation on campus and, therefore, focus in creating a platform for budding directors, producers, screenwriters, editors, actors, etc. to come together and collaborate on like minded projects. FAB will be creating events where students will be able to come together to practice film production/animation skills on campus. FAB will also provide collaborative partnerships with other clubs such as Classic Film Series, Animation Club, as well as, the Songwriters’ Circle. We will be providing musicians with a chance to see their music be integrated visually. We also plan to create a foundation in a form of a monthly newsletter where we will be advertising different opportunities for film submissions and volunteer/FWT opportunities.

Bennington Swing and Social Dance Club

Weekly swing dance sessions, guest instructors and lots of fun!

The "M" Word

Student Curated Musical Theatre Cabaret for any enthusiast of the genre!

Rocky Horror Shadowcast

Each fall, interested students begin rehearsals for a line by line shadowcast reenactment of the Rocky Horror Pictureshow on Halloween Night!


We're Bennington College's group devoted to the enjoyment/advancement of musical theatre. We host weekly screenings to expand people's definition of musical theatre, introduce them to shows other than just Phantom and Les Mis, and generally have a good, theater-geeky time.

Bennington Singer Song Writers

The Bennington Songwriters Circle was founded with the intention of creating a space where songwriters can play songs and show lyrics (finished or in progress!) in front of an audience of other songwriters.

Songwriters' Circle img
Songwriters' Circle

The Bennington Songwriters Circle was founded with the intention of creating a space where songwriters can play songs and show lyrics (finished or in progress!) in front of an audience of other songwriters.

The Movement Collective img
The Movement Collective

The Movement Collective was established in the spring of 2011 by Corina Dalzell and Anna Rogovoy. It is currently continued by Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, Chloë Engel, Marshall McGraw and Dani Robbins. Its mission is to be a supportive and fun body of students who grow and flourish through the creation of new dance movement/processes.

Animation Club img
Animation Club

Screening and geeking out about all things animated at Bennington. This includes 2d, 3d, stop-motion and claymation, Disney, Dreamworks, Fox, tv shows on Disney, Nick, Cartoon Network, Anime, adult animated shows, and just about anything else that can be considered animated or using animation--you'll find it here!

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Comics to Campus

Comics To Campus is an outlet for cartoonists practitioners and fans to convene, share personal projects, review published material and theoretical study of the art form.

Classic Film Series img
Classic Film Series

Classic Film Series is a small but dedicated group of students who program weekly screenings (Fridays at 7:15) in Kinoteca, Bennington College's own microcinema. Each term, the series is organized around a specific theme that features a wide variety of independent, foreign, Hollywood, and cult movies. Past themes include "Conspiracy & Intrigue," "Reality + Fantasy," "24 Frames Per City," and more. Through these screenings and other events, Classic Film Series is committed to giving students the opportunity to regularly see excellent films of every stripe.

Broadway at Bennington img
Broadway at Bennington

We're Bennington College's group devoted to the enjoyment/advancement of musical theatre. We host weekly screenings to expand people's definition of musical theatre, introduce them to shows other than just Phantom and Les Mis, and generally have a good, theater-geeky time.

Drama Collective img
Drama Collective

Drama Collective is a student-run organization that organizes fun, all-inclusive drama events such as the 24-hour plays and serves as an outlet for new drama students and students looking to put on independent work to ask questions, make connections, and get help and advice on the non-academic drama world at Bennington.

Other Clubs and Organizations


Bi-Weekly classes and group sessions for those interested in fitness and dance!

Varsity Backgammon

We play backgammon as a recreational escape from academic work. All skill levels encouraged to attend!

Planned Parenthood

Our Statement of Purpose: To help bring awareness to Planned Parenthood, to advocate on both Bennington College campus and at Bennington Planned Parenthood and to assist in any reproductive, safe sex, and health related issues and/or programming on the Bennington College Campus.

Nerf Club

Nerf Club aims to create a goofy and fun game environment through the use of Nerf blasters. We encourage teamwork and communication, and above all, we want to create a casual and friendly environment.

Meditation Club

Our group offers a time and space for students to come
together to practice meditation and contemplation. We will also be looking
at various texts on the practice of meditation and how to bring it into
everyday life.


Magic Players' Club

We provide a gathering place for Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts. We are happy to teach new players and welcome all formats, though we have so far played predominately EDH. Non-competitive. Weird, durdly decks encouraged. (One of us plays an EDH deck of just bugs and turbo-fog.)

Let's Stitch Together

We bring together community members in a stress-free environment to learn the art of knitting, whether you are just starting or have been knitting for years. We work independently and collaboratively on group projects, creating pieces to donate to local charity organizations in the Bennington community.

Habitat for Humanity

The Habitat for Humanity group volunteers at local building sites to construct affordable, sustainable homes for families. This group is open to students, faculty, and staff members of the college with little or no previous construction experience.

Eco-Print Club

Eco-Printing as detailed in India Flint's Book, Eco-Colour, is a method of dyeing fabric with plants, producing beautiful colors and surprisintly complete prints. The Eco-Printing club provides students the opportunity to try Flint's methods: a simple process of bundling and boiling, refridgerating or leaving in the sun to yield a finished product. We provide an artistic opportunity to students who might not otherwise know about or get around to trying the eco-printing process!


DREAM is a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower children from local, affordable-housing neighborhoods by pairing them with college students in an after-school mentorship program. This program accommodates youth aged 6 to 17 years old.

Every Friday at 4:00 PM we go to Willowbrook, a local neighborhood, from the college, pick up the kids, and take them to campus where we have fun group or individual activities planned for them. Through laughter, stumbles, teaching, and hugs, together we learn and grow together in a mentor-mentee relationship.

Bennington Writers Association

The Bennington Writers' Association exists to foster community between the creative writers on campus as well as provide them with a space in which to explore their own styles and points of interest and receive peer review and encouragement.

Badass Bookworms
The Bennington Free Press img
The Bennington Free Press

The Bennington Free Press is a student-run journalistic platform that accurately and fairly reports on, analyzes, and investigates issues and events that are important to the Bennington College community.

Silo img

Silo has been Bennington College's student-run literary and arts magazine since 1942. We seek to curate and publish a selection of work made by Bennington students in all disciplines to accurately represent the current work that is being made. We publish online twice a year, and produce an annual print edition.


Other Bennington Clubs include the Nerf Club for Nerf blaster game enthusiasts and the Magic Players Club Magic: The Gathering connects enthusiasts and beginners. There is  a Ping Pong Club, Cricket Club, Soccer, Basketball, Fitness, Swing and Dance, meditation, and Bennington Vermonster Club. Clubs and organizations, like so much at Bennington, is yours to shape. Contact us.