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High School Students Earn Bennington College Scholarships Through RaiseMe

Through Bennington College’s partnership with RaiseMe, current high school students can begin earning incremental “micro-scholarships” for their achievements throughout high school, both in and outside the classroom.

Photo of students throwing caps at graduation

The sum of these scholarships represents the minimum amount of scholarship and grant aid students will receive from Bennington College if they apply, are admitted, and enroll.

“By partnering with RaiseMe, Bennington College is expanding its efforts to make student-directed, experiential education accessible to more students from a variety of backgrounds,” said Vice President for Enrollment Tony Cabasco. “RaiseMe’s creative approach to connecting prospective students with colleges and financial aid is a natural fit for Bennington, a longtime innovator in higher education, known for its distinct blend of interdisciplinary academics, real-world experience, and inquiry-driven learning.”

One of RaiseMe’s goals is to democratize access to "college-readiness" skills, particularly for first-generation and low-income students for whom navigating merit aid may be a barrier in the application process. RaiseMe’s transparency and immediate-feedback design helps level the playing field by teaching students about the college admissions and financial aid process.

High school students are eligible to begin accumulating micro-scholarships as early as ninth grade by creating a RaiseMe profile, to which they may add their academic accomplishments, extracurriculars, community service, work experience, personal interests, and more. 

Financial aid and admissions staff at Bennington have created institution-specific scholarship guidelines that recognize students for positive work in many of those categories, with an emphasis on the activities and achievements that correlate with success at Bennington, such as holding a job, winning an arts award, or studying a foreign language.

As high school students update their profiles, RaiseMe instantly recalculates their total scholarships at the schools they have elected to follow on the platform. By providing real-time feedback as students become eligible for micro-scholarships from RaiseMe colleges, including Bennington, RaiseMe recognizes and reinforces the college preparatory activities in which students are already participating. 

For younger students, RaiseMe also helps clarify the steps they can take as they progress through high school in order to enter college prepared to succeed and positioned to receive merit aid. 

Students can also earn micro-scholarships for engaging more deeply with Bennington College. Up to $1,000 may be awarded to students who participate in a campus visit through the Admissions Office or attend an off-campus event sponsored by Bennington College.