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Jackson and Janis: Summer Theatre

Drama faculty members Kirk Jackson and Dina Janis are directing two plays this season.

Jackson and Janis Faculty Photos

For Living Room Theatre, Jackson will direct a three-week run of Nicholas Payne’s global hit, “Constellations." The storyline swirls around the romance between beekeeper Roland and physicist Marianne. Marianne harps on about cosmology, quantum mechanics, string theory and the belief that there are numerous universes that take humans on differing paths. 

Through August 6, the production will take place on the grounds of the Park-McCullough Historic Governor’s Mansion in North Bennington. 

For The Dorset Theatre Festival's 45th Season of professional summer theatre, Janis (also the Festival's artistic director) directed the World Premiere of Scarecrow, written and performed by Heidi Armbruster. 

Scarecrow is one woman's heartwarming and funny look back at the last 33 days of her father's life. A New York City actress lands herself on her family's dairy farm to grieve herself back to life. Performances of Scarecrow ran from July 14 through July 23.