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Title IX Under Trump

Ithaca College's student newspaper, The Ithacan, spoke with Bennington president Mariko Silver for a piece about Title IX's future under a Trump administration. 

The Ithacan

The piece, "Title IX's future is uncertain under the Trump administration" examined the power of the U.S. president to make changes to Title IX without approval from Congress, and the possibility that the law's extension to transgender students might be reversed.

Silver, who recently published an article in Inside Higher Ed on the subject, was quoted. 

"Mariko Silver, president of Bennington College in Vermont, contributing writer for Inside Higher Ed on the topic and former Obama administration staff member, said it is unclear what the Trump administration will do regarding Title IX but that schools still have moral and ethical responsibilities to be attentive to Title IX policies and education regarding sexual harassment and assault.

“I think colleges and universities need to be vigilant and need to be clear about our own principles and how we want to pursue issues of sexual harassment and assault, regardless of if the government holds our feet to the fire,” Silver said."