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Usdan Gallery is proud to present Marie Lorenz: Waterways, an exhibition of videos and handmade boats from the artist’s investigations of bodies of water as revealing public spaces. Celebrated for her ongoing Tide and Current Taxi project, in which she ferries passengers on the waters of New York City, Lorenz has since 2002 explored territory including the Colorado River in Texas, the Tiber River in Rome, the Kern River in California, and the Erie Canal. Within the context of her Bennington exhibition, she will research her upcoming summer trip on the Hoosic and Hudson rivers. 

Narrative is central to Lorenz’s practice. As she travels in boats she designs and builds herself, she documents events through video and blogging, as well as collecting and recording via photography, printmaking, or sculptural casting the debris and discarded objects she discovers. From her floating perspective, Lorenz cultivates new and surprising views of familiar or idealized landscapes. Her trips are collaborations with the conditions of nature; with man-made incursions into nature; with her passengers and the people she meets; and with the situations—often risky—she encounters. Her Usdan Gallery installation will display three wood-and-plexiglass boats and five videos depicting different voyages, including perils such as capsizing and musings on the kinds of stuff to be found on and in the water. A sequence of progressively sized tables in the gallery will form a riverlike surface on which Lorenz, with assistance from Bennington students, will map out the logistics of her next adventure.

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