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We Work Here

Every Bennington student, every winter spends seven weeks at work in the world pursuing jobs, internships, and entrepreneurial endeavors related to their studies, their professional ambitions, and their own curiosities. 

According to a survey conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education and American Public Media’s Marketplace, the single most important credential for a college graduate entering the workforce is internship experience. The survey, which targeted 50,000 employers who recruit and hire recent graduates, also found that demonstrated capacities to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems are more highly valued than where an applicant studied, what an applicant studied, or even what grades an applicant received.

When employers ask us how it is that undergraduates from a small liberal arts college are going head-to-head and toe-to-toe with seasoned professionals, we credit the Plan and Field Work Term—pillars of a Bennington education from the College's inception. By the time they graduate, Bennington students have acquired at least four jobs or internship experiences and a deep understanding of what they want to do. They are able to navigate challenges, translate abstract ideas into tangibles; they have an uncanny facility for collaboration and communication; and they are comfortable negotiating the known and the unknown.

Below are just a few examples of how students develop their ideas in the classroom, and then test those ideas where it counts—through hands-on work in the world.

Merger img

A Merger (Of Sorts)

Through an emerging partnership with an, international corporation, Bennington students are influencing business–and vice-versa.

Exceeding sum img

Exceeding The Sum Of Your Parts

A sophomore creates a gallery that wins praise and promotion from The Atlantic.

Getting to yes img

Getting To Yes

Where do you turn when launching your own venture? To your network.

Starting somewhere img

Starting Somewhere

There’s something to be said for starting small in big places. These Bennington students prove it.

Facts are not enough img

Facts Are Not Enough

The importance of merging classroom philosophy and world reality.

We usually don't take on interns img

We Usually Don’t Take On Interns

The vice president and editorial director of This I Believe shares what convinced him to take a Bennington intern.

Working with unknowns img

Working With Unknowns

How one Bennington intern stunned the Boston Mayor’s office.

The (Good) Business plan img

The (Good) Business Plan

A junior pitches value chain efficiency ideas to one of the largest micro-financing organizations in the world.

Finding focus img

Finding Focus

How one astronomy student has used Field Work Term to amass more experience than most graduate students.

Changing Course img

Changing Course

A single Field Work Term internship changed everything.

We are looking for experience img

‘We Are Looking For Experience’

Harvard’s Warneken Lab for Developmental Studies offers 11 highly sought-after internships every semester. In one year, Bennington students secured two.

Thirty Under Thirty img

30 Under 30

A selection of recent alumni making waves in the world of work early in their careers.