Center for the Advancement of Public Action


Center for the Advancement of Public Action



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MONDAY, FEB. 26 @ 7:00 PM - Bennington Translates: Ilan Stavans


symposium class

The Personal Learning Plan: VT Act 77 and Educational Reform


PEI cell

Prison Education Initiative

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Activating Democracy

Activating Democracy

Educating students on what it means to participate in a democracy by understanding and engaging with our governance systems.

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Art in the Public Realm

Art in the Public Realm

Supporting artists as change agents through the vital role they play in shaping thriving and sustainable communities.

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Environment and Public Action

Environment and Public Action

Building healthy environments through developing and enhancing sustainable water, energy, and food systems.

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APA class

Human Rights and Peacebuilding

Working to resolve conflict, build peace, and establish a just and equitable society through local, national, and global partnerships.

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VSNB class

Progressive Education

Using the Bennington Plan Process as a model to help the community youth gain ownership of their educational path.

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An education that teaches students to be citizens of the world. 


A current list of all CAPA courses offered at Bennington College.


A student newsletter with the mission of developing the CAPA community. 


The Building


CAPA is housed in a state-of-the-art facility designed by award-winning architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien. It blends the studio of the artist, the laboratory of the scientist, the think tank of the policymaker, and the town square of the citizen.

Outside courtyard

CAPA is a 15,000-square-feet complex of three buildings nestled along the central meadow of Bennington’s campus.


The 80-seat conference room, the Symposium, was modeled after the United Nations to facilitate discussion and deliberation.

Design Lab 1

CAPA has two classrooms, called Design Labs, designed for collaborative work.

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