Bennington College

Your Life's Work

A good education prepares you for a set path. A great education prepares you to change course.

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The Plan

Map a territory for study and practice that goes beyond the bounds of a traditional major

Field Work Term

Hone your ideas in the classroom, and test them through hands-on work in the world—every year

Areas of Study

A curriculum flexible enough to handle the most interesting questions you bring to it

  • 50%

    Half of Bennington courses are new term-to-term

    Bennington curriculum


  • 80%

    Bennington grads are engaged at work, far exceeding the 39% national average

    Bennington College Alumni Survey; Gallup-Purdue Index


  • 93%

    Employers would rehire a Bennington intern

    Field Work Term Employer Survey


By The Numbers

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Most Entrepreneurial College

Forbes ranks Bennington among the country’s top five most entrepreneurial colleges. It's no coincidence that the magazine also named Bennington one of "tomorrow's hot colleges."

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Best Classroom Experience

The classroom (and we define that broadly) may be the jewel of the crown of the Bennington experience: it is a lab for ideas, a study in conversation, and always a thorough interrogation of work. It is no wonder that The Princeton Review ranks it among the best.

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Where Work Counts

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top colleges for internships, Bennington’s annual Field Work Term required—from the beginning—that all students take their academic interests to the field and on the job for two months each and every winter.

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Most Beautiful Campus

Year after year Bennington is recognized by The Princeton Review for campus beauty—inside and out—from its student houses to its 440 acres of sweeping views. And Architectural Digest included Bennington on its list of the country’s “Top 10 Campuses with Best Architecture.”

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Most Accessible Professors

Every year Bennington tops The Princeton Review’s lists of colleges with the “Best Classroom Experience” and “Most Accessible Professors,” and where “Professors Get High Marks” and “Class Discussions Are Encouraged.”

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Brainiest College

Bennington students are unabashedly brainy, a feature not lost on Unigo, which ranked Bennington among America’s “Top 10 Brainiest Colleges.”