Bennington’s teacher-practitioner model means that students work in close collaboration with faculty members who are themselves actively engaged in their fields.

The faculty at Bennington are both mentors and guides. They oversee the unfolding of the Plan Process by helping students discover their distinctive intellectual passions and figure out how these interests might shape an education of depth, breadth, and rigor. Through ongoing conversation, in one-on-one advising sessions, and as part of Plan Committees, faculty help students steer their work in the most compelling directions.


Barbara Alfano brings a background in journalism, translation, and short-story writing in Italian to her study of 20th- and 21st-century Italian fiction.

email balfano@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4378

Brooke Allen’s articles in The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, and her books on topics ranging from the American founding fathers’ religious beliefs to the life of Benazir Bhutto have received critical acclaim.

email ballen@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4372

A standout among his many books and essays, Benjamin Anastas’ novel An Underachiever’s Diary has been called “the funniest, most underappreciated novel of the ’90s.”

email banastas@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4486

David Anderegg has informed and comforted millions of parents with his books and writings on children and the mind, backed by extensive research and a longtime psychotherapy practice.

email danderegg@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4371
Visiting Faculty

Crina Archer takes on political theory, radical democracy, American politics, and gender studies to study the concepts that shape our sense of community, our worldviews, and our individual practices.

email crinaarcher@bennington.edu
call 802-753-2471
Visiting Faculty
Visiting Faculty

Souleymane Badolo is a Bessie Award-winning choreographer, dancer, and founder of the Burkina Faso-based troupe, Kongo Ba Téria, which fuses traditional African dances with western contemporary dance.

email sbadolo@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4926

When natural disaster strikes, its effects are not experienced outside of history: Lopamudra Banerjee’s work brings together issues of the environment and development to explore how the poor experience such events in disproportionate ways.

email lbanerjee@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4376

David Baron is a producer, composer, musician, and recording engineer. He has performed on pop albums, composed film scores, and composed and creative-directed sonic branding packages for television and advertising.

email davidbaron@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4515

Barry Bartlett creates ceramic sculptures that take on questions of conflict, evolution, warfare, suburban sprawl, kitsch, and commemoration.

email bbartlett@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4557

Douglas Bauer’s novels, essays, journalism, and anthologies have won wide praise for their stylistic precision, clarity, and ability to capture the texture and grit of American life.

email dbauer@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4514
Ben Hagai

How do the stories we tell about ourselves shape the way we respond to issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the battle for sexual minority rights, and class inequalities in the United States? Ella Ben Hagai’s work illuminates the intersection between our sense of self and politics.

email ellabenhagai@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4376
Bass instructor

Michael Bisio returned to New York in 2006 after spending 30 years on the West Coast and quickly became an integral part of the New York City creative music community. Since 2009, he has been bass instructor at Bennington College and a member of the Matthew Shipp Trio.

email mbisio@bennington.edu
call 917-968-0579

Josh Blackwell’s recent works are called Neveruses (never•uses). Neveruses are lumpish, androgynous painting-objects comprised of scavenged plastic bags and colored fibers such as wool yarn and silk thread. These hybrid devices are neither useful nor redundant, although both are implied.

email jblackwell@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4549

Thomas Bogdan’s vocal performance, in genres ranging from old music to new, avant-garde multimedia performance and cabaret, has received wonderful reviews from critics around the world.

email tbogdan@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4517
Associate Director of the Center for the Advancement of Public Action

David Bond teaches on the environment and public action. Trained as an anthropologist, Bond studies oil spills and their imprint on environmental science and governance. His work shows how toxic disruptions can fix vital relations with new forms of knowledge and care.

email dbond@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4324
Visiting Faculty

Anselm Bradford is passionate about open source software projects for government, non-profits, and higher education. He works on a team developing regulatory tools for the financial industry and in the past has worked with Code for America, Imgur, and taught at AUT University. He's also worked in authorship and editing in the technical publishing industry.

call 802-440-4688
Visiting Faculty

Colin Brant’s art combines a love for French romantic painting with an interest in trees and birds. Both reverent and skeptical, his paintings aim to explore ideas of utopia and our relationship with the natural world.

email cfbrant@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4549
Director for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Lydia Brassard is a public anthropologist and educator whose work grapples with public space, race, and racism in North America and the production of history.

email lydiabrassard@bennington.edu
call 802-447-4107

Digital-chamber-punk bands, nine-piece rockestras, 21st century medieval quartets: Kitty Brazelton’s ability to create new genres as a composer, performer, singer, and instrumentalist is rooted in a study of even the most traditional forms of music.

email kbrazelton@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4516

Nicholas Brooke creates music across disciplines, from collages of recordings with live theater, to home-built instrumentariums inspired by gamelan. He has received Guggenheim, Rockefeller, and New Music USA fellowships and premieres at the Lincoln Center Festival, Spoleto, and MASS MOCA.

email nbrooke@bennington.edu
call 802-379-3230

An inorganic chemist, John Bullock investigates the reaction pathways and mechanisms of short-lived species generated at electrodes. He is also interested in reforming the undergraduate chemistry curricula by de-emphasizing traditional boundaries between sub-disciplines within the field.

email jbullock@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4472
Visiting Faculty

Akiko Busch’s writings—books and essays in publications ranging from Metropolis to The New York Times—weave together design, culture, and nature to address things like the geography of the home, citizen science, and the lives of objects.

email abusch@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4710

A dramaturg, theater historian, and author of American Cinderellas on the Broadway Musical Stage (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), Maya Cantu specializes in twentieth-century American theater.

email mayacantu@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4538

Andrew Cencini has developed software and services used by millions of people every day, working in the technology industry, where he helped build Bing, as well as SQL Server and other products. He serves as VP of engineering and cofounder of Vapor IO, a data center startup based out of Austin, TX.

email acencini@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4468
Visiting Faculty

Jiyoun Chang is a scenic and lighting designer who has worked on many new plays and classics. She cares deeply how characters live in a space and evolve with lights and sound and other visual elements as a story moves on. 


Noah Coburn is a political anthropologist who focuses on Afghanistan and South Asia, studying violence, governance, and how people negotiate the overlap of politics, power, and culture.

email ncoburn@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4375

An award-winning teacher, Ronald Cohen focuses his research in social psychology on issues of justice and silence, and takes his practice into the community with his work on reparative justice.

email rlcohen@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4384

Rabbi Michael Cohen, a longtime environmental activist, has written extensively on the impact of ecological issues on the Middle East peace process.

email mcohen@bennington.edu
Visiting Faculty

As an atmospheric scientist, Chelsea Corr studies atmospheric particles, ranging from very small pollution aerosols to cloud droplets, and the role these particles play in air quality and climate.

email chelseacorr@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4728
Guitar instructor

7-string guitar player, NEA grant recipient and Grammy-nominated producer who has produced and performed with some of the biggest acts in the business

email hcox@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4881

Terry Creach directs Creach/Company, which tours throughout the United States and Europe, and his work as a choreographer has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Foundation for the Arts, and the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts.

email tcreach@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4536

The work of astronomer Hugh Crowl addresses questions of how the massive collections of stars, gas, dust, and dark matter that we call galaxies assemble. How do galaxies form and evolve? Specifically, how do environmental conditions such as the flow of gas in and out of galaxies affect that process?

email hcrowl@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4481

Annabel Davis-Goff is a novelist, screenwriter, essayist, social justice advocate, and a driving force behind Bennington College’s Incarceration in America and Prison Education Initiatives.

email adavis-goff@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4388

Elena Demyanenko was a member of Trisha Brown and Stephen Petronio Dance Companies, which premiered original choreography at Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York Live Arts, and other venues. She is the recipient of New York Live Arts and EMPAC Dance Movies commissions and a Jerome Robbins Fellowship.

email edemyanenko@bennington.edu
call 802-753-2489

Thorsten Dennerline produces paintings, drawings, and artists’ books. The main focus of his work originates from an interest in poetry, which has led to collaborative projects with writers in book form, and in paintings and drawing projects that explore the poetic possibilities of the landscape.

email tdennerline@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4561

What is photography? Liz Deschenes, in her own artistic practice and her work as a curator and critic, has expanded the medium’s conceptual and aesthetic boundaries.

email ldeschenes@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4632
Visiting Faculty

Sui Duan has taught language and culture in colleges in China and the United States. His most recent research focuses on Chinese beliefs and philosophy by examining Chinese arts and literature. He writes poems and stories.


The acclaimed poetry of Michael Dumanis weaves together memories of childhood, diaspora, and dislocation.

email mdumanis@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4373
Piano instructor

Matthew Edwards is the piano instructor for the student that wants to learn multiple styles of music including classical, blues, jazz, and pop styles.

email matthewedwards@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4523

Marguerite Feitlowitz is the author of the internationally acclaimed A Lexicon of Terror: Argentina and the Legacies of Torture and four volumes of literary translation, many essays, fiction, and criticism.

email mfeitlowitz@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4413
Visiting Faculty

Harlan Fichtenholtz is a cognitive neuroscientist who investigates how people understand and interpret the vast array of social and emotional signals that they encounter every day.

email harlanfichtenholtz@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4471
Director of the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program

Janet Foley applies her expertise in inorganic chemistry to study the effects of pollutants in Vermont groundwater, to understand the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs, and to explore the photochemistry and medicinal applications of gold compounds.

email jfoley@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4463
Piano instructor

Pianist whose performing career has taken her from The Kennedy Center to tours of Europe, Japan, and South America

email joanforsyth@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4523

Michael Giannitti has extensive professional experience as a lighting designer and educator. He has designed lighting at many of the most prestigious venues around the country and has taught abroad as a two-time Fulbright Specialist Grant recipient.

email mgiannitti@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4535

Karen Gover teaches philosophy of art, ancient Greek and continental philosophy, and is an active art critic.

email kgover@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4380
Faculty Emeritus

Internationally acclaimed jazz musician and theorist Milford Graves has been the recipient of honors including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts grant, the Down Beat International Award, and the Critics Award.

Visting Faculty

Camille Guthrie’s most recent book of poetry, Articulated Lair, engages with the life and work of one of the great artists of the 20th century, Louise Bourgeois, in her continued interest in ekphrasis—writing poetry in response to visual art.

email cguthrie@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4892

Trauma, memory, migration, monstrosity, and alterity: Sarah Harris’ research considers contemporary Spanish fiction, film, and graphic narrative from these theoretical perspectives.

email sharris@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4379
Visiting Faculty

Mercedes Herrero is an award-winning actress with over 30 years of professional experience in Theatre, Film and Television. She is an ensemble member of Moisés Kaufman’s Tectonic Theatre Project, and is currently in her third season as Vanessa Morrison on House of Cards.


John Hultgren's work explores the theoretical and ideological foundations of environmental political struggles.

email johnhultgren@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4460

Susie Ibarra is known for her innovative style and cultural fluency as a composer, improviser, percussionist, and humanitarian.

email sibarra@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4643

Yoko Inoue’s multidisciplinary art practice anthropologically examines complex relationships between people and objects, the commodification of culture, and the assimilation and transformation of cultural meaning and values. Using ceramic medium she explores the socio-political and economic implication of products and globalization.

email yinoue@bennington.edu
call 802-447-4163

Jon Isherwood is a sculptor who has pioneered high-tech CNC technologies, led international projects, and designed opportunities to investigate the sites where the intellectual and physical become visually entangled.

email jisherwood@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4559

Kirk Jackson is an actor/director with four decades of experience on and off Broadway and regionally. A graduate of the Yale School of Drama, he has assisted Ivo van Hove on multiple productions in New York City and, recently, began to direct operas.

email kjackson2@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4545

As the artistic director of the Dorset Theatre Festival, a host of the LAByrinth Theatre Company’s workshops at Bennington, and a member of the famed Actor’s Studio, Dina Janis has studied, worked with, and supported some of the most talented actors, writers, and directors working in theatre today.

email djanis@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4543
Strings instructor

John Kirk teaches classes in the history of American and Celtic traditional music in addition to mandolin, fiddle, banjo, ukulele, mountain and hammered dulcimers, and traditional music ensemble.

email jkirk@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4647

Jonathan Kline’s artwork straddles the divide between photography’s contemporary, hybrid, and digital nature and its most traditional and original forms

email jkline@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4553

Celebrated playwright Sherry Kramer believes every play is created in the audience, and her classes are a treasure hunt to discover how a play shapes our experience and how it makes things matter.

email skramer@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4573
Piano instructor

Pianist who has taught and performed through the United States and Italy, and prizewinner of the American National Chopin Competition and the New York Leschetizky Society

email cjlewis@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4547

Ginger Lin, a native of Taiwan, has 30 years of experience teaching at the cross-section of language, literature, history, and philosophy.

email glin@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4392
Visiting Faculty

Thom Loubet was a public radio producer at KUNM in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is also a touring musician and the executive director of a major children’s educational foundation—and brings all this experience to the classroom, where he teaches radio and podcast production.

email ​thoml@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4510

Mary Lum’s paintings, collages, and wall works, which have been praised by critics and exhibited widely, draw attention to the overlooked but subliminally powerful architecture of modern life.

email mlum@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4634

Vanessa Lyon's teaching and research range from early Renaissance to modern and contemporary visual culture with a focus on European painting. She is especially interested in cross-cultural exchange, the intersectionality of gender, race, and theology in early modern visuality, and the legacies of the 'Old Masters' in subsequent art and its histories.

email vanessalyon@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4549
Visiting Faculty

Amie McClellan is a cell biologist who utilizes baker’s yeast with a very serious goal in mind: to explore how “molecular chaperones” participate in helping proteins attain and maintain their structure and function, and how this relates to human diseases that arise when this process goes awry.

email amcclellan@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4469

Andrew McIntyre’s mathematical research concerns problems in geometry related to mathematical physics. His teaching is student centered and historically driven.

email amcintyre@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4467
Visiting Faculty

A combined interest in LGBTQ studies, comparative literature, film studies, and Eastern European culture is at the center of Alexandar Mihailovic’s writing and teaching. Among other subjects, he writes and teaches about artificial intelligence in literature and popular culture, postcolonial women writers and filmmakers, and Russian Jewish literature.



Erika Mijlin is a producer, editor, writer, and founding partner of the media production company Artifact Pictures.

email emijlin@bennington.edu
call 802-753-2462

Kathryn Montovan uses mathematical modeling and analysis to understand complex ecosystem interactions and to discover the potential evolutionary causes of insect and animal behaviors. Her teaching is based on active learning techniques and is focused on engaging students of all levels in authentic mathematical inquiry.

email kmontovan@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4484
Visiting Faculty

Josef Mundt is a mathematician whose interests lie in the visualization of data, building mathematical confidence and connections, and helping others think of mathematics as an art form.

email jmundt@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4460
Visiting Faculty

Laura Nussbaum-Barberena is a cultural anthropologist whose work focuses on social movements, migration and violence.

email lnussbaumbarberena@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4749
Visiting Faculty

Ayodamola (Ayo) Tanimowo Okunseinde is an artist and time-traveler living and working in New York. His works range from speculative design to wearable technology, and explorations of Afrofuturism / Reclamation.


Visiting Faculty

Peter Pagnucco is a mediator and trainer who works with private and public clients to address a variety of conflicts related to everything from business activities to land use to domestic relations.

email ppagnucco@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4368

Carol Pal is a historian who works on the intellectual history of early modern Europe. A former auto mechanic and pastry chef, she now focuses on the histories of science, medicine, the Republic of Letters, and knowledge production—with an emphasis on how women were always part of the picture.

email cpal@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4863

Karthik Pandian’s moving image and sculptural works have been shown in major museums, galleries, and biennial exhibitions around the world, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Hammer Museum, Whitechapel Gallery, and the Palais de Tokyo.

email kpandian@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4547
Cello instructor

Nathaniel Parke is a regional freelance cellist and is also on the faculty of Williams College.

email nparke@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4524

Aysha Peltz’s ceramics blur the lines between utility and art, as the material properties of clay itself—the way it swells, fissures, and tears under its own weight—create a certain kind of poetry.

email apeltz@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4635

Ann Pibal’s geometric paintings on aluminum panels, which engage the history of 20th- century abstraction, textile design, architecture, and graphic design, have been exhibited widely in the United States and in Europe.

email apibal@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4636

Jonathan Pitcher is a scholar of Latin American literature, philosophy, and history whose research interests exceed any one discipline: identity, exile, film, politics, travel, art, architectural ideology, puppetry, and the aftermath of the Boom, to name a few.

email jpitcher@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4684

Prazak teaches anthropology and African studies, specializing in economic development and cultural change in East Africa, using multidisciplinary research strategies to address globalization, inequality, culturally-based ways of knowing, gender-based violence, and politics of the body.

email mprazak@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4381

In her work as a documentary filmmaker and film editor, Kate Purdie focuses on finding and portraying insights into the human experience by delving into lives and ideas that speak to themes of work, family, and community.

email kpurdie@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4548

Jean Randich is an award-winning director, writer, and librettist specializing in new works, musical theatre, opera, and re-envisioned classics. She is cofounder and co-artistic director of Collider Theater in New York City.

email jrandich@bennington.edu
call 802-447-4214

Robert Ransick draws inspiration from the social and political world we live in, history, and the potential for a future that is better.

email rransick@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4633

Sue Rees has exhibited her set designs, animations, installations, and video works worldwide and has worked collaboratively with choreographers, directors, and musicians in the United States, Europe, and India.

email srees@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4549

Choreographer, dancer, and visual artist Dana Reitz weaves movement and light scores that continually shift perception of time and space. Often performed in silence, they reveal musical nuance. She has collaborated with Jennifer Tipton, created works for Mikhail Baryshnikov, and toured extensively.

email dreitz@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4412

Jennifer Rohn has appeared in theatre productions on and off Broadway, in the United States and Europe, and in films and television, collaborating extensively with the renowned director Robert Wilson.

email jrohn@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4547

Noëlle Rouxel-Cubberly teaches French language through the lenses of French film, historical correspondence, and other aspects of French cultural life.

email nrouxel-cubberly@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4579

Kerry Ryer-Parke performs in a range of musical styles, from oratorio, opera, and early music to folk, jazz, and rock, in addition to directing the Bennington Children’s Chorus and Bennington Voice Workshop.

email kryer-parke@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4513
Visiting Faculty

Delia Sanz is a nationally-recognized expert in the area of understanding diversity in groups, and has been a leader in conversations about diversity and inclusion, women and people of color in STEM fields, and sustainability.

email deliasaenz@bennington.edu
Piano instructor
email ysato@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4521

Charles Schoonmaker is an Emmy Award-winning costume designer for theatre, dance, opera, and television.

email cschoonmaker@bennington.edu
call 802-753-2472

Tim Schroeder applies physical and chemical principles to understand interactions between deep-Earth and shallow-Earth systems. His courses are based on the idea that geology begins as an observational science, but that understanding Earth observations requires a physical sciences context.

email tschroeder@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4496

Eileen Scully is an award-winning scholar of American diplomacy and international history. Her recent work explores historical understandings of human trafficking and international customary law on the coming, going, and staying of destitute, physically disabled migrants.

email escully@bennington.edu
call 802-753-2465
Director of the Center for the Advancement of Public Action

Susan Sgorbati, the director of the Center for the Advancement of Public Action, is a professional mediator and educator whose creative research has led to collaboration across disciplines ranging from dance improvisation to biology to visual arts, as both an artist and a driver of social change.

email sgorbati@bennington.edu
call 802-447-4267

Stephen Shapiro’s research on early-modern French literature and culture focuses on aristocratic memoirs, the history of sexuality, culinary culture, and the history of the city of Paris. He is currently looking at the development of a modern gay culture in 18th-century Paris.

email sshapiro@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4568

Allen Shawn’s work as a composer and pianist comprises a large catalogue of orchestral and chamber music, chamber operas, songs, piano music, and music for ballet, theatre, and film; he is also celebrated for his writings on Arnold Schoenberg and Leonard Bernstein, as well as his compelling memoirs.

email ashawn@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4525

Donald Sherefkin is an architect whose projects range from urban loft renovations to rural retreats to sacred spaces, extending from the heart of New York City to New England.

email dsherefkin@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4575

Elizabeth Sherman is known for her work on amphibians and, more recently, on coral reefs and climate change; she collaborates with student researchers in her study of how animals work — both individually and as part of larger ecosystems.

email sherman@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4466
Sibblies Drury
Visiting Faculty

Brando Skyhorse’s debut novel, The Madonnas of Echo Park (Simon & Schuster, 2010), received the 2011 PEN/Hemingway Award and the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

email brandoskyhorse@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4376
Visiting Faculty

Maboula Soumahoro is a French scholar whose work focuses on US and African-American studies, the African diaspora, and Atlantic black nationalisms.

email maboulasoumahoro@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4725

Rotimi Suberu’s research on Nigerian government and politics and international relations have prompted invitations to consult for the Nigerian government, the World Bank, the National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, and the Forum of Federations.

email rsuberu@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4414
Van Orman
Visiting Faculty

Kimberly Van Orman is a philosopher of the mind whose work stretches into the philosophy of science and who asks what minds are made of and how they are formed from experience.

email kimberlyvanorman@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4713
Visiting Faculty

Justin Vasselli’s work as a software engineer focuses on utilizing iOS technology to create efficient and enjoyable educational experiences for language learners.

email justinvasselli@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4457

Paul Voice is a scholar of moral and political philosophy with interests in problems of justice, liberalism, and pluralism.

email pvoice@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4391
Visiting Faculty

Adam Wang has been a lifelong teacher and technologist in higher education.

Violin/viola instructor
email kwashiyama@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4524

Elizabeth White is a multidisciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

email ewhite@bennington.edu
call 440-447-4125
Visiting Faculty

Author of the book of poems Thief in the Interior and a 2013 Ruth Lilly Fellowship recipient.

email phillipwilliams@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4727

Bruce Williamson is a jazz composer and multi-instrumentalist/recording artist who has collaborated and performed with such luminaries as Bobby McFerron, Fred Hersch, Julie Taymor, and Mark Rylance in a variety of genres, and whose work has been featured in Academy Award-winning film scores.

email bwilliamson@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4519

Michael Wimberly is a composer, percussionist, and music producer who has recorded and toured throughout Europe, Africa, and the Americas. He is the driving force behind Power of Drum, an alternative arts program whose mission is to make music education accessible to all youth worldwide.

email mwimberly@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4528

Kerry Woods is an ecologist whose recent work includes long-term studies of old-growth forests, landscape ecology of the Taconic Mountains, and collaborative biogeographic analyses of global temperate forests. His work has been supported by NASA, NSF, US Forest Service, and the Mellon Foundation.

email kwoods@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4465

Mark Wunderlich is author of three critically acclaimed books of poetry, and his poems, interviews, reviews, and translations have appeared in journals such as Slate, The Paris Review, and Poetry, and in more than 30 anthologies.

email mwunderlich@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4599

Ikuko Yoshida teaches Japanese language and culture, and her research interest areas are second language acquisition, pedagogy, critical thinking in foreign language learning, technology, and Japanese aesthetics. She is a certified instructor of ikebana—traditional Japanese flower arrangement.

email iyoshida@bennington.edu
call 802-440-4377
Visiting Faculty

Siyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam’s interest in history and the human rights situation in the Middle East arise from his first-hand experiences of revolutionary upheaval and systematic oppression in Iran. Understanding the region’s past and present conditions, he believes, is a necessary step towards addressing the challenges facing it today.