Additional Field Work Term Options

These options all fulfill the requirements of a Field Work Term(FWT), though their structures differ from the traditional winter internship. Read more below, and click through the links for full details on how to apply for each option.

Field Work Term Independent Study

The Independent Study option is an alternative to FWT employment which offers time to delve into a particular problem, research area, theme, or question, working in association with a faculty sponsor. You may apply to spend an FWT pursuing an Independent Study (IS) project if you have completed at least four terms, one FWT, and are in good academic standing. 

Professional Training Option

The Professional Training Option allows students to fulfill the requirements of a FWT through either hands-on experiential training programs resulting in a certification required for a particular professional field (i.e. massage therapy certification, EMT training, yoga teacher training, etc.), or apprenticeship programs where a student is working directly with an artist or craftsperson to learn a particular technique, style, approach, etc.

Entrepreneurial Option

During the Entrepreneurial Option, students use the time of FWT to start and run a business or nonprofit, or to launch themselves as independent artists. Students must have already completed one FWT, and be in good academic standing, to take the Entrepreneurial Option, and it can only be taken once.

Museum Fellows Term

Launched in January 2015 with a pilot grant from the Mellon Foundation, and now in partnership with the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, Bennington’s Museum Fellows Term is an immersive educational opportunity in which students gain professional work experience at a major cultural institution; visit exhibitions and study multiple aspects of the art world with Bennington faculty; and meet artists, curators, and other arts and culture leaders. Museum Fellows Term takes place over FWT and the succeeding spring term.