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Self-Motivated, Creative, and Open to Experience

Employers from Google, Massachusetts General Hospital, PBS, and the Vermont State Legislature talk about working with Bennington interns.

By the time Bennington students graduate, they have amassed at least four jobs or internship experiences and a deep, developed sense of what it is to work because of Bennington’s Field Work Term. Our graduates know how to grasp and enter complex situations; they posses the ability to work and think independently and as part of a team; and they leave with the confidence to be mobilized by ambiguities, trade-offs, and uncertainties. Employers who have worked with Bennington students know this better than anyone. That’s why 94% of almost 1700 employers over the past three years who have had a Bennington intern would want future interns; why 89% of our employers surveyed say that our students (freshmen to seniors) are ready for entry level work; why 62% of our employers who work with interns from other colleges and universities say our interns outperform; and why 97% of employers are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their Bennington intern. By almost all measures that matter to employers, Bennington students exceed expectations and far outpace national performance reviews of other peers in the workplace.

Recruit Talent

Our students and graduates are experienced, ready, and equipped with key workplace competencies. Get in on the ground floor of highly desired talent.

About FWT

Each January and February students spend seven weeks working in a variety of fields and locations while eagerly taking on any challenge you throw them. We call it FWT.

Summer Hires

Our students are always looking to expand work experiences and tackle new terrain over the summer. Have a great opportunity? Share it.

Come to Campus

Do you have positions you know our students are primed to fill? The Field Work Term and Career Development Office can help you set up an information session or interview candidates on campus.

Rave Reviews

We could write novels about what our employers say about their interns, but we’ll let you hear it straight from the source.


Back For More

Repeat business is the best indicator of satisfaction, and we have a lot of it. 94% of employers who have worked with our interns look for another Bennington intern in the future.

Outsized Impact

Our alums are leading change, breaking ground, and innovating in every sector. You have probably heard of them.


Internship Tips

With more than 80 years experience, we've learned a thing or two about what makes for a great internship.

Hiring International Students

Our students come from all over the world. Our Field Work Term and Career Development Office shares just how simple it is to connect with them.

Some of our Intern Stories

Merger img

A Merger (Of Sorts)

Through an emerging partnership with an international corporation, Bennington students are influencing business–and vice-versa.

We usually don't take on interns img

We Usually Don’t Take On Interns

The vice president and editorial director of This I Believe shares what convinced him to take a Bennington intern.

The (Good) Business plan img

The (Good) Business Plan

A junior pitches value chain efficiency ideas to one of the largest micro-financing organizations in the world.

Working with unknowns img

Working With Unknowns

How one Bennington intern stunned the Boston Mayor’s office.

We are looking for experience img

‘We Are Looking For Experience’

Harvard’s Warneken Lab for Developmental Studies offers 11 highly sought-after internships every semester. In one year, Bennington students secured two.

Finding focus img

Finding Focus

How one astronomy student has used Field Work Term to amass more experience than most graduate students.

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