Paradigm for Plan Progress and Advanced Work Meetings

Ask the student to speak to these questions:

  • Have you successfully completed the goals agreed upon in the Plan process? If those goals have changed, discuss the changes and how your revised Plan addresses them.
  • Have you studied a broad enough range of disciplines? Are there specific areas that still need to be explored to round out your studies? (This is partially intended to ensure that the student is studying broadly in the liberal arts tradition, but also as a way to ensure the student has the needed knowledge for the proposed advanced work.)
  • Have you developed an appropriate focus and sophistication in your work? What do you aim to pursue in your area(s) of study during your final year? Do expectations for advanced work need to be met?
  • Have you demonstrated adequate writing skills? If not, how do you plan to remedy that over the next two terms?
  • Describe how your work has addressed and will continue to address the fundamental expectations of a Bennington education:
  1. formulating an inquiry
  2. identifying, analyzing, and using resources
  3. creating and revising work
  4. presenting and explaining work
  5. connecting work to broader contexts


The Plan committee’s conversation with the student should elicit information that allows it to reconfirm the basics:

  • Plan title or question.
  • Primary area(s) of study (note rationale for any changes from list on the cover sheet).
  • Supporting area(s) of study (note rationale for changes from list on the cover sheet).
  • Discipline group(s) responsible for assessing progress in the student’s work.
  • Who specifically will be responsible for overseeing the work.


Has the student demonstrated adequate writing skills?

  • Use course evaluations, the Plan committee’s experiences with the student, and the Plan essay itself to assess writing skills.


Has the student demonstrated through coursework thus far that he/she will be able to successfully complete the proposed advanced work?


Briefly describe what the student intends to accomplish/explore during the last year.

  • Has the student outlined a coherent plan for his/her last three terms?
  • Has the student proposed at least a rough outline of advanced work ideas?
  • Discuss how the student’s proposed advanced work will demonstrate fulfillment of the Bennington expectations listed above.