Tanya Schmid ’11

While on study abroad in northern Chile, “we went to listen to a presentation by an NGO fighting against arsenic and lead contamination in their neighborhood. It was then and there that I realized I had found the project that had been awaiting me. Two weeks later I was in the neighborhoods and working with the NGO once again, this time with my camera, notebook, a bit of fear, and an open mind, beginning a project that would prove to be one of the most incredible, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my life.“

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Interview with Brittany Olinkiewicz

“I went to a lot of plays during my semester abroad in Madrid, and that’s where I first saw a play by José Luis Alonso de Santos. When I came back to Bennington, I chose a scene from three plays that exemplify the themes I’m interested in and directed them in the original Spanish. I want to know, if you’re performing in a language that isn’t your audience’s primary language, how does that affect the acting?”

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The opportunity to study abroad—whether for a term or an entire year—is available to all students, and can be a wonderful way to expand upon the student's work at Bennington and to expand or specialize a student's interests and area of concentration in a new and exciting environment. Bennington students have studied across the globe in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Central and South America. Bennington has relationships with several study abroad programs, but also allows students to research new programs and to propose them for study abroad possibilities.

A student who is interested in studying at another school should begin planning approximately a year in advance, and discuss the idea with his/her Plan committee. The Plan committee will evaluate programs of study and advise how the courses they offer may be coordinated with the student's plan of study at Bennington. Students must complete the Bennington Application to Study Away through the Dean's Office for final approval.

In order to obtain approval from the Dean's Office, students must consult with the Study Abroad Advisor and complete the Application to Study Away. A student who arranges to study at another institution should submit a formal request for a leave of absence in order to return to Bennington. Students may choose to apply for consortium status from the Financial Aid Office. Our Financial Aid Office would then facilitate the transfer of allowable aid to the other school. After the program is completed, an official transcript must be sent directly to the Dean's Office and official granting of transfer credit will then be determined. A credit transfer fee is charged per term. Much additional information is available from the Study Abroad Advisor.

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