Life at Bennington

Life at Bennington is an all-in, everywhere at once, 24-hour continuum that extends well beyond the edges of a classroom.

Here you are not only shaping your education but the community at large. From the beginning, a Bennington education has been founded on these principles and in frames that make life outside of the classroom as intentional as inside the classroom. Student life informs who you are and become, how you engage in the larger collaborative spaces, and what you can and will bring to the broader campus culture. This happens in dining halls, houses, in clubs and organizations, in libraries and workshops, at events and beyond.


Housing at Bennington

House tours, housing, and all that makes campus home.



Eating, drinking, and cooking with the best ingredients out there.

Clubs & Organizations

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More than 40 clubs and organizations every year, and they are as individual and fluid as you.


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Bennington Athletics Department (BAD) helps you find your way into the fitness and athletics you’ll most enjoy.

Around Town

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The town of Bennington was named the 15th “Most Vibrant Arts Community in the Country” by the Center for Arts Research.

Support & Safety

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Student LifeCampus SafetyHealth and Psychological Services—your partners and guides in creating a vibrant and healthy community.


Bennington is best experienced, but videos are the next best thing. Press play and enjoy.

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Things you can see but are best experienced.

Community at Bennington is a cornerstone of life at Bennington. This is a quick view of what a year is like.

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Bennington Wears
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Farm to Table
midnight breakfast
Midnight Breakfast
first impressions
First Impressions
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Summer in a Minute
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Spring in a Minute
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Winter in a Minute
fall in a minute
Fall in a Minute