Tuition and Fees

How much does it cost?

Undergraduate Program

Direct Costs Academic Year 2024–2025

Tuition:  $65,398
Room:   $10,374
Board:     $8,734
Fees:          $864
TOTAL: $85,370

For International Students:

Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees: $85,370
Health Insurance (estimate):         $1,842*
TOTAL:                                        $87,212

*insurance cost is subject to annual price adjustment by Provider

Enrollment Fee (non-refundable) $500

Students may face additional expenses as well, such as transportation, books, and supplies. Read more about expenses, view a sample undergraduate budget.

Graduate Programs

Tuition Rates 2024-2025

MFA in Writing (low-residency program) $23,468 (Summer 2024; Winter 2025)
MFA in Dance  $25,000
MFA in Music   $25,000
MFA in Public Action $25,000

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Updated April 2024