Burcu Seyben

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Visiting Faculty

Burcu Seyben is a theatre theorist, playwright, actress, and author of Theatre and Multimedia (Habitus, 2016). She specializes in contemporary European and Turkish performances, and directors as well as theatre and politics.


As a theatre theorist, Seyben has worked on theatre and politics, contemporary European and Turkish theatre, and theatre and multimedia. She is the author of a book titled Theatre and Multimedia (Habitus, 2016) which gives an historical account of the use of multimedia in theatrical productions in the twentieth century in the West, and how the use of multimedia changed the concept of space, time, liveness and sound on stage and in dramatic writing with special references to specific examples from also the recent contemporary Turkish productions which incorporate multimedia. Seyben is the co-editor of Cultural Interventions, (Istanbul Bilgi University Press, 2016) the year book of the Cultural Policy and Management Institute at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Seyben was a full-time faculty member, and a two year chair of the Performing Arts Management in Istanbul Bilgi University since 2005. She has also taught in Istanbul University since 2009. Her essays have appeared in such journals as Third Text, International Journal of Cultural Policy, Ekonomika a management, and Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy. She published book chapters in a number of books on Turkish performing arts scene, and cinema. She has worked as an actress and dramaturg in an Istanbul based theatre company named Mekan Arti. She has recently acted in a feature film titled The Secrets of Turkish Cuisine directed by a renown director, Umit Unal. She is now writing two plays with working titles, Autocopy and A Beauty Mark. Seyben was a visiting faculty member at Bennington for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years.