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Through the Plan Process, Field Work Term internships, and graduate-level academic advising, students take a leadership role in their education, structuring their studies at Bennington around the burning questions that matter most to them, and to the world. This hands-on, inquiry-based approach to education prepares students for a life after Bennington—as civically engaged citizens, as proactive contributors to their workplaces, and as insightful lifelong learners.   

Career Outcomes: Classes of 2016-2020

Results represent a cumulative average for the June graduating classes of 2016-2020, with a knowledge rate of at least 70% per year. Knowledge rate is based on results from survey data collected within 6-9 months post graduation, with supplemental data independently verified from LinkedIn and Clearinghouse sources.


of Bennington graduates, six months out, are employed, enrolled in service programs, or in grad school

Graduating class data, 5 year average, 2016-2020


100 %

of Bennington graduates completed at least four internships or research experiences

June 2020 graduating class data 



of Bennington graduates are in a field related to their studies

June 2020 graduating class data


fwt stats

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Starting Salaries

The average starting salary for a Bennington graduate 6 months out is $45,000 (across industries), $95,000 for science and math. 

Life-Long Learning

36%* of Bennington graduates go on to attend other institutions for continued study. The top ten schools include: 

Boston University
City University of New York
Columbia University
Harvard University
New York University
Simmons College
State University of New York
University of California
University of Iowa
University of Vermont

(*data for students between 2003-2018)

Alumni Profiles

Numbers and statistics can tell part of a story, but the impact of Bennington alumni on the world encompasses so much more. Read about what our students have accomplished