Kenneth Bailey

Image of Kenneth Bailey
MFA Fellow

Kenneth Bailey's work focuses on public-making: inviting artists, academics and activists to imagine new public infrastructures, habits and atmospheres as a strategy for social change.


Bailey is the co-founder of the Design Studio for Social Intervention (ds4si). His interests focus on the research and development of design tools for marginalized communities to address complex social issues. With over three decades of experience in community practice, Bailey brings a unique perspective on the ethics of design in relation to community engagement, the arts and cultural action. Projects he has produced at ds4si include Action Lab (2012- 2014), Public Kitchen (2011-2018), Social Emergency Response Center (SERC) (2018) and People’s Redevelopment Authority (2018). Bailey was recently a Visiting Scholar in collaboration with University of Tasmania and also a founding member of Theatrum Mundi NYC with Richard Sennett. He is currently pursuing his MFA at Bennington.