Megan Bulloch

Image of Megan Bulloch
Visiting Faculty

Megan Bulloch is a psychologist curious about the role of authenticity in higher education and the classroom. Her work spans comparative cognition, developmental psychology, and currently rests in transdisciplinary innovations in pedagogical development.


Bulloch was the first Chief Institutional Culture, Innovation, and Assessment Officer for an exciting new institution in Vietnam. Fulbright University Vietnam sought to bridge the gap between liberal arts and engineering, and between the US and Vietnam. This work provided space to contemplate next steps in innovative pedagogy, and assessment. As a result of this work, Bulloch is currently writing a book about the need for more attention paid to faculty culture and personal development in higher education.

Bulloch joined the Quest University Canada faculty in 2009, one of the first twelve faculty at this innovative educational experiment. One of the foundations of a Quest education is the development of a Question (similar to a Bennington Plan). For most of her life, she has been trying to answer the question, "What does it mean to think, who gets to think, and why does it matter"? She worked with preschoolers, monkeys (wild and captive), dogs, chimpanzees, and undergraduates trying to find an answer. Academically, this journey has taken her work to Classics, Physical Anthropology and Primatology, Women’s Studies, and Psychology. 

Her current Question — "What is authenticity, and how does it show up?" — drives her pedagogical interests and experience teaching courses in which students confront themselves and each other as curious, confident, collaborative members of a learning community. Bulloch was a visiting faculty member at Bennington for Spring 2020.