Thom Loubet

Image of Thom Loubet
Visiting Faculty

Thom Loubet was a public radio producer at KUNM in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is also a touring musician and the executive director of a major children’s educational foundation—and brings all this experience to the classroom, where he teaches radio and podcast production.


Thom Loubet began working in public radio in 1990, first as a DJ, and then producing news and radio documentary pieces. He is also a guitar player who has toured internationally with singers such as Alice Smith and Tamar-Kali, as well as with his own avant-rock band The Citizens. In addition, Loubet is the executive director of the Free To Be Foundation, a children’s educational nonprofit organization that administers and distributes Free to Be…You and Me. Loubet was a visiting faculty member at Bennington from Spring 2016-Spring 2019.