hay bales and a green field with a mountain in the distance

You're there. We're here. See our campus.

Bennington College is closed to visitors for the time being, but we know how important it is to see a campus and experience a community while making decisions about college. Check out the videos below, sign up for a video chat with a counselor, and check back for our virtual tour (coming soon!).

The Plan


A Bennington Education

Sunset over Bennington Dorms
Bennington College
Student in the woods with a net
Do Your Best Work
Man in spacey geometrical room extends arms
Güvenç Özel
car driving by a sign that says bennington college
Punch Above Your Weight
white houses and trees with orange leaves viewed from the air
Bennington in 60 Seconds
aerial shot of campus green lawn and trees


Making and Doing

path to CAPA with very green grass and many passers by
Art in Embassies
woman in red shirt converses in office
Belarusian Dream Theater
student in black with a black guitar in front of large red painting
Office Concert
student gazing off into the distance seated in a laboratory, with text that says "On the Unknown" across the screen
Carlos Mendez—On the unknown
woman with a teal scarf seated in what looks to be a lab of some sort
Naima Starkloff—On Questioning
students thinking and writing in a classroom
Word Image Lab


Your Campus

at bennington college
A Different Kind of Tour
two students in summer clothes beside metal "VAPA" sign with grass, trees, and the flank of a wood-sided building
Tour of VAPA
Blue wooden "Purple Carrot Farm" sign in front of green grass
Purple Carrot Farm
two students sitting on wall in front of expansive green misty campus and hills
As Vibrant as its People
side of white colonial Franklin House, with bare bushes
House Tours—Franklin
reddish common room of Bingham House, with red couches and light from big windows
House Tours—Bingham
woman with green scarf in front of the wood shingle sides of Longmeadow House
House Tours—Longmeadow
sunlight streaming over Noyes House and through nearby trees
House Tours—Noyes
red modern house with student in blue shirt in front of the house
House Tours—Perkins
Two students in orange on the steps of pale blue wooden townhouse
House Tours—Townhouse
two students descending from porch of a white house
Spring @ Bennington
Student looks up at camera in yellow room
Questions @ Bennington



three people and two drum kits, outdoor drum class in the shade with a sunny field of high grass on the left
Music at Bennington
a tan cow hobbled to a white metal shed in afternoon light, a rusty gate with a fluffy goat in the foreground
Public Action
vivid clouds blowing past a skeletal satellite dish and bare inky tree limbs
Science At Bennington
student in red armchair in a room of bookshelves gestures emphatically
Society Culture and Thought
backstage view of a blackbox theatre with a full audience and two actors seated on a platform
Theater at Bennington
two humans in profile examine images of human profiles on a white wall
Visual Arts at Bennington


Field Work Term

grand room with red curtains and red cushioned seats populated by people of all ages
Field Work Term Experience
Girl with hoop earrings and jean jacket speaks beside a presentation board in front of a shimmery pale blue background
Accomplishments during FWT
man raises arms to strike a Taiko drum in a florescent-lit windowless room with drums stacked against the cement wall
Sam Mistry—Taiko Drumming
Girl in green sweater seated comfortably on well-lit wooden theatre seats
Lortel Fellowship
five people in a museum examining an art bike and art cannon
Museum Fellows Term


The Plan Process

students walking across commons lawn to conglomerate in the distance
The Plan Process at Bennington
Student with pink hair speaks at Bennington College podium
Parke Haskel—Difficulty isn't Something to be Feared
early fall foliage brick and ivy front face of old Commons
Capa Advanced Leadership Class
Grey screen with little blue and turquoise circles with the letter "B" in them
What Question Changed Everything
pink room, pink floor, pink wall, two dancers bending backwards
What is College For
shadowy figure in black in front of the bright glowing lights of a wall of windows
Advice for New Students