Williams College campus in Williamstown, MA

Cross Enrollment at Williams College and CCV

Photo: Williams College’s Griffin Hall. Image by DSTravel from Pixabay 

Cross-Enrollment Opportunities: Williams College and Community College of Vermont (CCV)

A Bennington education provides interdisciplinary insights, rigorous creativity, and the skills to invent the new. As a student at Bennington, you take courses that matter to you. 

To provide students with even more access to the topics that interest them, Bennington College partners with Williams College in Williamstown, MA, and Community College of Vermont (CCV). Juniors and seniors can complement their course work at Bennington with classes offered at Williams or CCV. 

Bennington students can cross enroll at Williams College or CCV for courses related to their Bennington Plan. Williams students can also cross enroll at Bennington. Students at both colleges expand their study opportunities through this partnership. 

Student Experiences

Shlesha Pradhan '25, student in white lab coat in Bennington science laboratory
Shlesha Pradhan '25

Shlesha Pradhan’s plan, which combines physical therapy and music, involves cross enrolling at Community College of Vermont. This allows Pradhan to take classes that are required for entry into a physical therapy graduate program. 

"While Bennington encourages intellectual exploration, I still have space to specialize and hone in on the technical requirements for graduate school." 

Uyen Huynh ’24, who studies data science and applied math at Bennington, has taken two statistics classes at Williams. “Statistics is one of the core pillars of data science, which I'm interested in exploring, so I wanted to further advance my Academic Plan in Math and Statistics with these classes at Williams.” She added, “[taking classes at Williams] also helps me diversify my learning experiences.”


Students cross enroll to: 

  • Go deeper into an area of interest
  • Explore the fundamentals of a specific topic
  • Meet requirements for some graduate programs
  • Experience different methods of teaching and learning
  • Receive insights from additional academic points of view
  • Connect with students and faculty at another institution

Transportation to Williams College is available. 


For more information, speak with your advisor, contact the Registrar’s Office or refer to the cross-enrollment procedure page