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A Club for Everyone. Especially Sailors.

A few students wanted to learn how to build a boat. So they started a club, started building, and then they set sail.

More than 40 clubs and organizations are hosted in any given year on campus and nearly all of them are created, activated, and managed by students. While some clubs operate like publications, others are constructed by students looking to learn something new or explore another interest, like say, for instance, building a boat. Students create clubs to celebrate diverse cultures, to provide highly inclusive environments, to connect with each other on performing arts, sports and athletics, or sometimes skill sharing. Every year clubs are added while others lay dormant as the flow of student interest and activity changes with each class of students at Bennington--providing the most ample flexibility when it comes to Student Life funding and support of clubs and organizations as they relate to current student interests.

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A complete, up-to-date list of clubs and organizations.


Bennington Athletics Department

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Bennington Athletics Department provides opportunities to compete in sports, plan an outing, and programs The Meyer Recreation Barn.