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Featuring nationally reviewed, recent releases by Jayson Greene MFA ’21, Amy Hempel, Bret Easton Ellis ’86, James Geary ’85, Craig Morgan Teicher, Akiko Busch ’75, Morgan Jerkins MFA ’16, Hugh Ryan MFA ’09, Carmen Giménez Smith, Amanda Stern ’93, Rolf Potts MFA ’11, Donald Hall, Eugenia Kim MFA ’01, Natalie Scenters-Zapico, Summer Brennan ’01, Irina Reyn MFA ’06, Sue Rainsford MFA ’17, George Michelsen Foy MFA ’98.

In this section we feature work that came to fruition as an offshoot of primary work or intended work. An actor who turns to legal performance coaching, an installation artist turned furniture maker, a publisher putting out trading cards are among the examples of work that was made in the act of improvisation and curiosity.