Cafe Lighting

Members of the Commons cafe design team invite the community to design a new pattern of light

Cafe Lighting img
The new cafe space, which will be located on the first floor of the renovated Commons building, will incorporate a collection of 50 unique, custom light fixtures, designed and fabricated in a collaboration between the architectural design team, faculty member Jon Isherwood, and sculpture technician Michael Stradley. The fixtures will be arrayed in a pattern to create the ceiling over the bakery and servery area, becoming one of the defining features of the space. In May, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Planning, Andy Schlatter, along with the design team, invited all members of the Bennington community to contribute to the generation of the form for the fixtures as part of the design process. Submissions were received in May and June with 50 entries selected at random and used as the basis for the design of a unique fixture. The contributions will be acknowledged as a permanent part of the space.