Defying Convention

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#Bennington_Defying Convention

Snapshots of our social media channels.

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Steam Engine

The two-stroke power of science and art by Alex Dery Snider and Heather Kirn Lanier.

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The Leadership Academy of Ousseynou Diome '14 img
The Leadership Academy of Ousseynou Diome '14

A story about how to start a movement by Briee Della Rocca.

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Walking With Malamud img
Walking With Malamud

Discussions with Malamud by Jonathan Lethem ’86.

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Rewriting the SATs img
Rewriting the SATs

The making and meaning of the new SATs by Will Larsen '17.

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Majoring in Mansour

What Mansour Farhang has taught and learned in his three decades at Bennington by Lee Hancock MFA ’14.

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Book- The Earth Avails
Mark Wunderlich, faculty member (Graywolf Press, February 2014)
Book- The Blind Masseuse: A Traveler’s Memoir from Costa Rica to Cambodia
Alden Jones MFA ‘01 (University of Wisconsin, November 2013)
Book- Through the Eyes of a Dancer: Selected Writings
Wendy Perron ‘69 (Wesleyan Press, September 2013)
Book- The Art of Secrets
James Klise MFA ‘06 (Algonquin Books, 2014)
Book- The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt ‘86 (Little, Brown and Company, October 2013)
Book- Margaret Fuller: A New American Life
Megan Marshall ‘75 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, March 2013)
Book- The Woman Who Lost Her Soul
Bob Shacochis, MFA(w), writer-in-residence (Atlantic Monthly Press, September 2013)
Book- Remember Me Like This
Bret Anthony Johnston, MFA(w) faculty member (Random House, May 2014)
Book- Bernard Malamud: Novels and Stories of the 1940s and 50s
Edited by Philip Davis (The Library of America, February 2014)
The Opposite of Everything img
David Kalish MFA ’06 (WiDo Publishing, March 2014)
“[a] compelling mix of poise and exposure...” Slate
“...a young woman growing into herself…” Publishers Weekly
“...simultaneously knowing and questioning.” The Huffington Post
“...a chorus of genuine voices…” Booklist, starred review
“...a book that stimulates the mind and touches the heart.” Pulitzer committee
“...the remarkable story of a 19th century author… and pioneering advocate...” Pulitzer committee
“A novel … using provocative themes to raise difficult moral questions.” Pulitzer committee
"[An] enthralling and skillful debut novel about the reunification of a family" The New York Times
“His stories know suffering, loneliness, lust...” The New York Times
"...oddball characters mix in a clash of cultures between native New Yorkers and the immigrants who infuse the city, and the book's central character, with new life..."
The New York Times