Everyone you need is here

Leaving And Coming Back

    A lot is made of Bennington’s small size. For some of us “small” is precisely what attracted us, misty-eyed, to Bennington in the first place; but for others it was shorthand for “there must be something missing, Bennington can’t possibly have it all.” Only in being here can you know— without romanticism or skepticism—how little is missing, how astonishingly complete this college actually is. It is the sentiment our graduating seniors recount every year at Commencement, and it an experience that holds true beyond these 400 acres, where the reverberation of a Bennington education is powerfully strong among our alumni. Peter Dinklage ’91 expressed it best when he said to last year’s graduates: “Everyone you need is here, under this tent. These are the shiny more important people.”

    Every spring at Bennington is punctuated with comings and goings. This year it is especially so. As we honor the legacy of Bennington’s longest-serving president, we prepare, with equal earnestness, to welcome her successor. As we celebrate the graduation of another class, we prepare to invite them—and every graduate before them—back for an all-class reunion on campus this fall. So in this issue of Bennington, we share with you stories of leave-taking and circling back, stories that reveal how it can possibly be that—on a campus with fewer than 1000 students—everyone you need is here.

Janet Lape Marsden
Vice President for Admissions and Communications

#Benninton_Everyone You Need Is Here img
#Benninton_Everyone You Need Is Here

Snapshots from our social media pages.

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Faculty Students, Alumni Teachers img
Faculty Students, Alumni Teachers

Makerbots, 3D printing, and digital art by Kate Godin.

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From China To Bennington img
From China To Bennington

How a gift from Merrell Hambleton ’43 changed everything for Lili Evans ’89 by Lise Miller ’01.

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Transfiguring harmony through the transfiguration of possibility img
Transfiguring harmony through the transfiguration of possibility

A senior reflection essay by Timothy Desrosiers ’13.

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When the World Comes to Bennington img
When the World Comes to Bennington

The worlds of business, technology, and politics consult with Bennington by Lise (Johnson) Miller ’01.

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A Bennington Road Trip img
A Bennington Road Trip

A recent Bennington alumnus sees the country staying only with Bennington alumni by Briee Della Rocca.

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Book- Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation
Michael Pollan ‘76 (The Penguin Press, April 2013)
Book- The Good House: A Novel
Ann Leary ‘84 (St. Martin’s Press, January 2013)
Book- I Want to Show You More
Jamie Quatro ‘09 (Grove Press, March 2013)
Book- No Safety in Numbers
Dayna Lorentz MFA ‘09 (Dial, May 2012)
Book- Too Good to Be True: A Memoir
Benjamin Anastas, faculty member (New Harvest/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, October 2012)
Book- Margaret Fuller: A New American Life
Megan Marshall ‘75 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, March 2013)
Book- Drinking with Men: A Memoir
Rosie Schaap ‘94 (Riverhead Hardcover, January 2013)
Keeping Bedlam at Bay in the Prague Café img
Matt ellis ’92(New Europe Books, February 2013)
“...brilliantly and coterminously fire[s] one’s sense of moral comprehension...” The Boston Globe
"[An] entertaining and resonant second novel." The New York Times
“...shocking. Yet there’s so much solace.” The New York Times Book Review
“…[a] riveting disaster novel.” The New York Times Book Review
“Smart and honest and searching...” The New York Times
“...the remarkable story of a 19th century author… and pioneering advocate...” Pulitzer committee
“...a welcome, feminine vantage point...” Slate
"An ode to expatriate living, culture clashes and the heady days of early 1990s Europe, this novel is a manic, wild ride...and thoroughly enjoyable"