A Unique Thing

A letter to the editor


No one loves Bennington more than I do. The College saved my life: or at least made it possible for me to attempt to have a life, and for that I will be forever grateful. In fact, so much do I love Bennington College that my only begotten daughter, Eva Holiday DeAngelis-Glasser, went to Bennington in 2007. 

It’s always so exciting when Bennington arrives. It’s always so impressive. All those wonderful people doing such impressive things. But I must insist that the magazine does not truly represent the Bennington College that I know so well and love so much. It simply seems to take itself too seriously. 

When I was a student, Laurie Hyman pushed a cream pie into the face of Catherine Osgood Foster. She was teaching a class on The Spirit and Techniques of Comedy. She said that it was a highlight of her teaching career. 

What I am proposing in brief: a comic essay in each issue. Written by students, alumni, teachers, trustees, or simply well-meaning folks who have something to say and can present their ideas in an amusing way. 

Please let me know what you think of my humble suggestion. With utmost respect, I remain.


Most sincerely yours,

Barbara Glasser ’65


We missed it, you caught it. It’s a great suggestion and one that we took. You can now find the humor online at www.bennington.edu/magazine under the “LOL” heading. Enjoy the laugh, and thank you for reminding us to do the same. 


Briee Della Rocca