Image of Sheela Harden '69 at Bennington Potters Sheela Harden ‘69 Leads Bennington Potters

Bennington Potters began as Cooperative Design, the studio of the late David Gil and first wife Gloria Goldfarb ’52, and two others, in 1948 by Heather DiLeo

Image of Sheela Harden '69 at Bennington Potters T(OWN): Alumni Entrepreneurship in Bennington

Alumni making a life and running a business in and around Bennington by Heather DiLeo

Image of Bill Scully '94 Bill Scully '94 Renews Hydroelectric in Vermont

Originally from Whittier, California, “the birthplace of lowrider trucks and Richard Nixon,” Bill Scully ’94 knew as a freshman he wanted to settle in Bennington by Heather DiLeo

Image of Amy Buckley '83 at Brown Cow Cafe Amy Buckley '83 at Brown Cow Cafe

What Amy Blomquist Buckley ’83 started as a “niche” place to go for great coffee and homemade food in 2012 quickly blossomed into what many locals—and tourists—consider an essential Bennington hangout spot by Heather DiLeo

Image of Nina and Joel Lentzner '91 of Fiddlehead Nina and Joel Lentzner '91 on Opening Fiddlehead

Nina Hardt Lentzner ’91 and Joel Lentzner ’91 opened contemporary craft and fine art gallery Fiddlehead “the last day before Y2K” in the grand neoclassical marble building that housed their bank when they were Bennington students by Heather DiLeo

Image of Doug Bauer Doug Bauer Retires from Bennington

Retiring faculty member Doug Bauer on teaching and time at Bennington by Keegan Ead and Madeline Cole ’16

Behind the Struggle to Free South Africa article image of Nelson Mandela Behind the Struggle to Free South Africa

International civil rights lawyer Gay Johnson McDougall ’69 and the story behind what it took to free South Africa from apartheid rule. By Jeva Lange ’15

From Civil Rights to Civil Conversations article image of Gail Evans From Civil Rights to Civil Conversations

Gail Hirschorn Evans ’63 worked at the White House in the Office of the Special Counsel to the President during the Lyndon Johnson administration and was instrumental in the creation of the President’s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity and the 1965 Civil Rights Act. Decades later she is still challenging our biases. By Jeva Lange ’15

Every Crisis Is a Crucible image Every Crisis Is a Crucible

After an accident left him paralyzed at 42, August de los Reyes ’95, head of research and design at Pinterest, gained a valuable perspective that would reorient the focus of his work and challenge the paradigms of 21st-century design. By Brian Davidson

Liz@TED img Liz@TED

Excerpted remarks from President Coleman’s closing speech at the 25th annual TED Conference, February 2009