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This is how former students describe Creative Collaboration in Writing and Performance (DRA4261.01): "SITCOM! is a live, weekly sketch comedy show produced by students. SITCOM! is eco-friendly. SITCOM! supports a free Tibet. SITCOM! is, was and always will be." This is how faculty member Kirk Jackson describes it: This class is about surviving the crucible of creative collaboration to satisfy the instant gratification of a hungry audience. Students write, produce and perform serialized stories. The class will divide into storyline teams; each team writes and performs three scenes of a developing narrative every week. Each episode will necessitate meeting at least four times per week with your group: 1) to write a first draft 2) to rewrite a performance draft 3) to rehearse/tech the performance and 4) to perform for the campus community (Thursday at 10pm) the combined alternating scenes from all story lines. The first half of the term will be devoted to collaborative writing exercises and assignments used to develop formulas for quick generation and collaborative processing of material, to establish teams and each story’s genre. Writing, producing and performing six weekly episodes constitutes the second half of the term.

Regardless of the descriptions, you'll find the funny in the work itself. 

Tune into reruns of older episodes.