Max Nanis '12

Image of Max Nanis

Max Nanis is a conceptual artist, programmer, and computational biologist and the CEO and founder of General Health Inc.

His work has been covered by The New Yorker—who dubbed him a “digital rock star”—The Association for Computing Machinery, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, and others.

He is professionally represented by 10x Management to help companies solve difficult programming problems and is the founder of General Research Lab, a scientifically oriented creative software studio. At The Scripps Research Institute, Nanis works to improve the academic publishing model, visualize genetic information, perform novel therapeutic discovery through crowdsourcing efforts, and ensure biological knowledge is easily accessible.

Nanis’ artwork uses algorithmic approaches to narrate messages of persistence, fragility, and industrialization, often through the revelation of biological data. His pragmatic mediums are executed by robotically aided production processes. His work is exhibited in numerous public and private collections including The Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, Intrexon Corporation, and The American Chemical Society.

As a board member of the Spreckels Organ Pavilion, he works to promote and provide free, live, secular organ music to the city of San Diego. He is currently working on a project with the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego supported by the James Irvine Foundation through 2017.