Career Development and Field Work Term Info

Field Work Term Fellowship Spotlight

Thursday, February 18, 2021, 12:00-1:30 pm, Remote

This Field Work Term Fellowship Spotlight event is a chance for the community to come together to celebrate the work and achievements of the Bennington student body over Field Work Term. This year we will hear from over 30 students who have participated in the following FWT Fellowships:

  • the Food Insecurity & Population Health Fellowship
  • the Endeavor Foundation Environmental Action Fellowship
  • the Newman & Cox Public Action Student Fellowship
  • the Iftekhar Entrepreneurial Fellowship

This year, due to COVID-19, the event will be held remotely via Zoom and will also take place during the day. We encourage all members of the Bennington community to attend. Be on the lookout for the Zoom link and more details in the Bennington Event Calendar. If you are a student who is required to present at the Field Work Term Fellowship Spotlight and you have questions, please contact

Field Work Term Reflective Work

FWT provides the opportunity to consider your work and growth in the transition from student to professional. The FWT reflection allows you to unpack your FWT experience and examine it in relation to your evolving goals, academic inquiries, and emerging professional identity. If you completed a field work experience this winter, a link to submit your reflection will be emailed to you via Handshake on January 29; contact if you need it resent.

First-year students will complete a reflective assignment designed to guide you in conveying your most recent field work accomplishments, with the goal of strengthening your resume and digital profile for future employers. Returning students have the option of either responding to four reflective essay prompts, or writing a sample cover letter for a hypothetical future job application.

Field Work Term Evaluations

Evaluations from FWT employers are due on Friday, February 12. Evaluations are required from every FWT job that you registered. All supervisors will be sent instructions for completing the evaluation through Handshake on January 29, and are asked to submit their evaluation and review it with you before the conclusion of your internship. If you completed field work this winter, please check with your supervisor before you leave your job to make sure that your evaluation has been submitted and that you have discussed it together.

Timesheets and Supplemental Hours

Supplemental jobs (up to 60 hours) do not need to be registered, but students do need to show proof of their hours. Timesheets are required for supplemental site hours as well as Professional Training Option and optional for primary site hours (your employer will also note your total hours on your evaluation, but timesheets are a good idea as a backup). Timesheets/Training logs must be submitted electronically by February 12, 2021 as an attachment to this Google form.

Independent Study

Your sponsor’s evaluation of your work is due by February 19 via the Google form emailed to them by the Dean’s Office. You should submit your final FWT work to your sponsor by February 12. You are encouraged to schedule a final meeting with your sponsor to review your final work together.

Grant and Stipend Receipts

Students who received a Field Work Term stipend or fellowship grant must submit receipts documenting FWT expenses up to the amount of your funding. Submit a photo or scanned copy of your receipts by Friday, February 12 via this google form.

Review Your FWT Site

All students are encouraged to submit a review of their FWT employer here. Reviews help the FWT Office promote strong sites, and potentially remove sites from our database if students have had poor experiences. Reviews can be either private or public.