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Three Planes Collective

A trailer for the Three Planes Collective


Dancer's feet
Library Duet

Performance by Emma Villavecchia '14 and Ben Broderick Phillips '13; choreography by Emma Villavecchia '14 

Students dancing

Performance by Amalia Wiatr-Lewis '16 and Samuel Wentz MFA '16; choreography by Amalia Wiatr-Lewis '16; photo by Jonathan Barber

Dai Jian MFA '16 and Yanan Yu

Choreography by Dai Jian MFA '16; photo by Jonathan Barber

Students dancing
Olivia Barnum '17 and Lucy Nielsen '19

Choreography by Olivia Barnum '17; photo by Julia Barstow '16

Student dancing
Fann Xu '16

Choreography by Dana Reitz; photo by Jonathan Barber