CANCELED—The Cloud as a Hosting Infrastructure for IoT Intelligence

Friday, Apr 10 2020, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, Dickinson 232
Science Workshop—Spring 2020
Friday, Apr 10 2020 1:00 PM Friday, Apr 10 2020 2:00 PM America/New_York CANCELED—The Cloud as a Hosting Infrastructure for IoT Intelligence CANCELED Dickinson 232 Bennington College

CANCELED | We generally think of cloud computing as a scalable technology for apps that run on mobile phones, big data analytics, and machine learning, but it turns out that none of these uses requires instant correct reaction based on rapidly changing real-world data. In this talk, Ken Birman describes recent work to make the cloud friendlier for hosting sensors and actuators and for controlling smart power grids, smart homes, smart farms, smart highways and other demanding real-world applications. Cornell’s Derecho and Cascade technologies, on which this talk is based, can be downloaded for free, open-source use from

Ken Birman is the N. Rama Rao Professor of Computer Science at Cornell. An ACM Fellow and the winner of the IEEE Tsutomu Kanai Award, Ken has written 3 textbooks and published more than 150 papers in prestigious journals and conferences. Software he developed operated the New York Stock Exchange for more than a decade without trading disruptions, and plays central roles in the French Air Traffic Control System and the US Navy AEGIS warship. Other technologies from his group found their way into IBM’s Websphere product, Amazon’s EC2 and S3 systems, Microsoft’s cluster management solutions, and the US Northeast bulk power grid. His Vsync system ( has become a widely used teaching tool for students learning to create secure, strongly consistent and scalable cloud computing solutions. Derecho is intended for demanding settings such as the smart power grid, smart highways and homes, and scalable vision systems.